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Shapes of Tiles

July 9,2020

Other than the regular squares and rectangles, tiles are available in a wide range of shapes. From Hexagons to Octagons, we got you covered in creating a space with a distinctive look.

Picket shaped | Inspired by the classic hexagon shape, the Picket shaped tiles resembles an elongated hex that creates a modern and fresh look.

Diamond shaped | Diamond shaped tiles can be used in various layout patterns such as chevron and star. Here, the tile is laid in the “cube pattern” to introduce a geometric characteristic to the backsplash.

Round shaped | Originally popular in the early 20th century, the round shaped tiles was known as penny tile as it is similar in size to pennies. Now, the tile is available in a wide range of size, colour and finishes.

Fish Scale shaped | Also known as Mermaid tiles or Fan tiles, this Moroccan inspired design while unique, can be versatile in application. They can be placed vertically, horizontally or even diagonally, each creating a different look.

Arabesque | A distinctive shape, the Arabesque tiles gives dimension without being over the top. The featured product here, DDLK4913, comes as a mosaic tile.

Octagon shaped | Octagon and dot is a classic look from the Victorian era. New interpretations now incorporate motifs for an updated look.

Hexagon shaped | Used in tiles for hundreds of years, Hexagon is a classic shape that creates a cohesive pattern. Hexagonal tiles, a stylish addition to any space.

Pinwheel & Basket Weave | Not to be confused for each other, Pinwheel features a square surrounded by four rectangles to form a bigger square. The Basket Weave, is laid in a way that resembles the texture of a woven basket.

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