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Denim Inspired Mosaics and Tiles

February 6,2020

Fashion relates to interior in the form of denim inspired mosaics and tiles.

From Appiani, the mosaic collection takes the iconic and timeless denim out of context into an original and fascinating form. Focusing on the distinctive characteristics of the iconic fabric, the mosaic is impressed with texture and variants of colour and pattern. This innovative design, together with the durability of ceramic, allows the mosaic to be used for both wall and floor tiling.

Tile collection Denim by Tendencias Ceramicas presents Denim in two basic shapes that can be used individually or combined, creating unique layout patterns that are also ideal for both wall and floor installation.

The tile collection also showcases remarkable variants of colour that has at least 30 different tone variations for more realistic representation of the fabric.

View the Denim inspired mosaics and tiles now at Hafary Gallery.