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Sensi: Stories of Senses

March 22,2022

A tile collection that merges the harmony of nature with the strength of innovation.

From Florim, the Sensi tile collection designed by Matteo Thun surprises visually and tactilely with attractive neutral shades that shape fluid spaces. Surfaces and interplays of light define a decorative concept inspired by the graininess of earth.

Solid and vigorous, earth evokes in us a personal sentiment, reminding us of the strength of nature. The tile collection embodies the tactile experience of touching earth, and of interpreting mineral essences mixed and forged over time. Along with delicate and natural colours , Sensi recalls a simple lifestyle that leaves the unnecessary behind.

The intimate, sophisticated harmony of nature is reflected in living-spaces that offer an individual sense of comfort and slow rhythms, where energy and balance can be regained.

The Sensi tile collection is a clear expression of quality and creativity as revealed through its exclusive mixing technology. The innovative production process achieves a different result every time: the individual elements cannot be replicated, thus creating a truly unique geography of forms.

The Sensi tile collection from Florim is now available at Hafary. Discover the full range of colours and textures available here.