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Granum: A Contemporary Tale

June 7,2022

Past meets present in the Granum tile collection.

From Fioranese Ceramica, the Granum tile collection captures the soul of two inspiring granites - the distinctive blue of Azul Bahia and the deep black of Via Lattea. Granites of Brazilian origin, both stones are characterized with beautiful veining and a small-medium grain. These important features are then translated onto the porcelain surfaces of Granum.

Subtle texture and veins, dotted with a very light touch of white, gives the porcelain tile an extremely sophisticated appearance.

The collection is also complemented with décor tiles, Granum Arcs, to create modern and dynamic atmospheres.

Granum tile collection is available in a three different finishes - structured, semi-polished and polished. This allows for visual continuity between different living environments.

Now available at Hafary, view the full colour selection of Granum here.