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A Passion for Stone
Indulge in the luxury of exotic stone through The Stone Gallery by Hafary. Discover how nature’s precious and exotic stone comes to life through our passion for the natural material, creating a sanctuary for all lovers of beauty.
Antolini's Exclusive Collection
Premium and exotic natural stone that has been perfected through tradition and expertise.
Tile Care & Maintenance Guide
Tiles is a very easy material to clean and maintain. Here are some Do's & Don'ts when it comes to ensuring the beauty of your tiles.
Experience the Hafary App
Designed to inspire your new home, the Hafary app allows you to browse more than 5000 products and manage your favourites according to rooms or space.
Terrazzo by Agglotech
Tthe largest producer of terrazzo in Europe, Agglotech delivers terrazzo of excellent technical characteristics and design.
Intrinsic Clarity
Vetri is a porcelain tile collection with a strong identity: the delicate colour variations that mark the edges create a surface with an unprecedented depth and an elegant geometrical mesh. The glossy finishing reflects and emphasises light, lending its surroundings brightness with evergreen charm.
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Designed for Salvatori by Piero Lissoni, the Chevron finish was inspired by the idea of reproducing the eponymous fabric in stone. Lighting significantly enhances the beauty of Chevron: the textured motif creates an elegant shadow effect when paired with the right illumination. The process which creates Chevron tiles is designed to preserve the natural aesthetic qualities of the stone. As a result of this, the tiles may not be perfectly identical, however this non-uniformity is intrinsic both to the texture and the natural stone itself.
Mystone Gris Du Gent
Mystone Gris Du Gent tile collection is inspired by the fine classic French stone of the same name, reinterpreted by the latest design trends that combines aesthetic appeal and performance. The tile features a soft surface with a mottled and compact taupe grey background, embellished with thin copper vein patterns.
Mystone Lavagna
Mystone Lavagna tile collection has all the elegant, severe personality of slate, a sedimentary rock with an unmistakable texture.
Elegant as silk, the Satin collection is soft to the touch, with a smooth finish.‎ Satin is the ideal choice for kitchen worktops and countertops, outdoor and indoor cladding and for commercial and residential flooring.
The Lapitec® slabs in our Lux collection have a highly reflective polished finish radiating luminosity. Lux is the ideal choice for kitchen worktops, countertops, indoor and outdoor cladding.
A tactile and smooth yet finely textured surface which provides anti slip properties. Vesuvio is the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor cladding and for commercial and residential flooring.