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Bathroom Sale
Taking up to 90% off* its original price, Hafary is holding the ultimate bathroom sale of the year!
Large Format Tiles
Discover our range of large format tiles that are stylish, modern and elegant.
#KnowYourTiles - Tile Layout Patterns
Having selected your favourite tile, do you know that you can further the aesthetics of your interior with different tile layout patterns?
Hafary Gallery Renovates
To provide a better shopping experience, there will be partial renovation at the Hafary Gallery from now till further notice. The Gallery will operate as usual.
Tile Care & Maintenance Guide
Tiles is a very easy material to clean and maintain. Here are some Do's & Don'ts when it comes to ensuring the beauty of your tiles.
Evocative Naturalness
The Rock Salt of Cerim tile collection reinterprets the flavour of large blocks of rock salt extracted from underground mines. From Florim, the tile collection is perfectly suited in creating comfortable spaces where you can find repose from the frenzy of daily life, and experience your home as a simple, private space.
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WT36006G wall tile collection simulates the beauty of grey marble. The collection is available in two different shades of grey with a decor tile to allow for creativity in the layout patterns when installed.
Chracterised by strong graphic pattern, WT36005G wall tile collection creates a distinctive look when applied. The tile collection includes a marbled inspired piece, WT36005G-1, that can be used on its own and/or to complement the decor tile.
WT36004G ceramic wall tile collection draws inspiration from the surroundings around us. The foundation pieces are inspired by the veining patterns of marble in sensible grey, complemented by decor pieces that features graphic elements.
Inspired by the fabric, the WT36001G wall tile collection creates a warm and cosy vibe without losing style and character.
Pierre De Bali
Pierre de Bali tile collection recreates an original stone from the Bali Island and helps us feel at one with nature, giving any space in our home its own identity.
Habitat is a tile for experiencing, for walking barefoot on, for feeling its delicate texture and for admiring the infinite nuances within its pieces; threads that become language through movement.