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Hafary Presents Kludi Amba

January 27,2015

KLUDI AMBA looks like it is cast in one piece, as the operating mechanism is an integral part of the homogeneous whole. The discreet red and blue marking is a sure sign: at times this part of the mixer body acts as a handle to regulate the flow of water and temperature. It only becomes obvious when this function is used, then it blends back into the overall form.

KLUDI's novel IntegralDesign is what makes KLUDI AMBA unique. It gives rise to a sculptural appearance that gratifies the senses, such as has never been achieved before so consistently. KLUDI AMBA takes fitting design to a new level.

KLUDI AMBA is a multiple award winner, including the IF Design Award 2013, German Design Award Special Mention 2014, Interior Innovation Award 2014, Plus X Award for Best Product 2015/2016 and Plus X Award for High Quality, Design and Ease of Use.

Available at Hafary Gallery and Hafary Tradehub 21.