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Live: Vinyl Planks and Tiles

January 17,2023

For those “enjoy every day” moments.

Live vinyl planks and tiles, by BerryAlloc, is a floor that is made for every day. Made in Belgium, the vinyl flooring collection aims to remove the stress from your household chores by being easy to maintain, highly resistant to liquids and just beautiful to look at.

Traditional rustic wood, elegant soft wood, or modern stone. These are the inspiration for the aesthetic of the Live vinyl plank and tiles collection. Subtle yet sophisticated, with expertly-matched designs, these matt floors with both natural wood and stone effects will fully complement your interior.

Wood Designs

The Live vinyl planks collection showcases a selection of 8 designs with warm, natural colours. The designs of the planks bring you both timeless classics and contemporary looks that effortlessly fit into any environment.

Install them as a herringbone or get inspired by one of our many other patterns!

Learn more about the installation technique here.

Stone Designs

A selection of 4 modern stone tiles to fully complement your interior. This collection brings you sleek, contemporary looks for any urban home. Enjoy these tiles that will not only warm your feet but also your home.

Live vinyl planks and tiles - a floor that is made for every day.

Discover the selection here.