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Kreoo – Creating Sculptural Marble Basins

April 1,2020

From Italy, Kreoo is Decormarmi’s young brand dedicated to unique marble product design and custom projects. The name Kreoo was inspired by the Greek verb kraino (that means to produce, create).

Discover ideas from Kreoo that can satisfy both formal and aesthetic requirements for unique design objects made from natural marble at The Stone Gallery.


Nami means "wave" in Japanese and it is an oval washbasin, whose sinuosity is reminiscent of a cloth’s drapery: marble is manipulated with sculptural skills, creating soft waves on its outer side.‎

The reference comes from the Italian figurative Art History, and more specifically from the monumental drapery of Michelangelo’s Pietà, Virgin’s dress.‎ In the game of lights and shadows, marble is presented as a light, sophisticated and precious material.‎ Unique, because even if Nami is born from an industrial process, it is modelled by skilled craftsmen who pays tribute to the Italian ancient sculptural tradition.


More than 350 different combinations depict Nabhi, a perfect collection for both hospitality and residential use: every single piece of Nabhi is characterized by the balance of proportions and the dynamic lightness of workmanship.‎ A mixture of shapes and functions where artisan-ship and technology give life to the collection that shine in all their beauty and exalt design purity and marble expressiveness.‎

Delicate and ethereal marble water lilies bloom in the bathroom: Bowl n°1 is characterized by a sinuous and undulating shape that unfolds like the corolla of a flower.‎

Bowl n°2 is an elegant bowl with angled shaped base.‎

Bowl n°3 is a washbasin with square shape and gently rounded corners.‎


The name and shape of Gong brings to mind the Tibetan bells, an ancient Buddhist musical instruments that is able to evoke feelings.

In Gong, the usual ellipsoidal shape has been interpreted with a diagonal cut; the result is an oval hollowed with meticulous and fine technique, with an essential body that seems almost opalescent with light colours.‎

With precision, innovation and carefully selected natural material, Kreoo creates an unexplored dimension of marble, exalting the natural material’s sensual and secret soul.

Discover Kreoo now at:

The Stone Gallery

18 Sungei Kadut Street 2

World Furnishing Hub Level 7

Singapore 729236

T: +65 62193323


By appointment

Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm

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