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Terre Garzate: Traditional as Radical

January 13,2023

The geometric shapes of the Bauhaus for Terre Garzate.

Terre Garzate porcelain tile collection showcases warm and deep colour effects that celebrates traditional flavours.

The geometric selection, whether decorated with shapes or brushstrokes, is inspired by the canvases of the Bauhaus school. When placed in relation with each other, the different shades and figures create different optical effects and depths.

The 5x20cm glossy brick tiles, coordinated with the 20x20cm tiles, completes the range. This combination enriches the pattern with more original composition to envelop the house in a unique atmosphere.

The combination of the plain mustard-coloured tile with the Setola Senape decor, creates a highly original overall effect without overloading the space with excessive decorations.

The mix and match possibilities of this collection of gloss and matte tiles are infinite. By Ceramica del Conca, Terre Garzate is now available at Hafary.