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Terrazzo by Agglotech

May 21,2020

As the largest producer of terrazzo in Europe, Agglotech delivers terrazzo of excellent technical characteristics and design. Hafary showcases more than 30 different essential and on-trend design of Agglotech’s terrazzo.

Technical Qualities

Agglotech’s terrazzo features high abrasion resistance and easy maintenance, allowing it to be suitable for residential and expansive commercial spaces that are subjected to high pedestrian traffic. Agglotech’s terrazzo is certified with LGA Tested Quality, CE and LEED.


Agglotech’s terrazzo has been chosen for renowned brand projects such as: Valentino in China, Dubai and London; Aesop in Taiwan; George Jenson in Dubai and Germany. Also, there are a series of truly special projects such as the Royal Academy of Arts in London and the Berlin State Opera – a clear indication of versatility in the application of the material.

Colour Range

Hafary showcases more than 30 different designs of terrazzo from Agglotech. Each design differs in colour and grain size to create essential and distinctive surfacing material for architectural and interior décor requirement.

View more of Agglotech's design and colours here.