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The Benefits of Lapitec®

June 1,2020

The original sintered stone, Lapitec®, is the combination of technology and style. Made of 100% minerals with no resins, Lapitec® is a premium material that provides architectural solutions for construction and furnishing.

It is XXL

Lapitec® offers large format slabs of sintered stone in 3365 x 1500 mm with a thickness of 12 mm.

It is Versatile

Lapitec® provides the most suitable and diverse solution for construction and furnishing. Being a full-bodied material makes it easy to work with and can be utilised in countless applications, from internal and external cladding to pavements, from kitchen tops to ventilated facades.

It is Stain Resistant

Lapitec® is non-porous and therefore resistant to staining, mould and bacteria. Lapitec®’s resistance to these factors also means that it is easy to care for your Lapitec® surface.

It is Eternal

Lapitec® is a product that is long lasting and completely weather proof. Each slab is resistant to acids, alkalis, deep abrasions, fire, frost and is unaffected by UV rays. It is also resistant to graffiti.

It is Natural

Lapitec® is produced with the utmost respect for both people and the environment. It is completely inert, containing no resins or petroleum derivatives.

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The above information is adapted from Lapitec.