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The Launch of Pergo Classic Plank Optimum Click

February 11,2019

Pergo sets a new standard in vinyl flooring. At first sight you’ll notice the authentic textures and naturalistic designs rich with true-to-life detail. Add to that the easy click installation and unique surface protection and you’ll see why Pergo vinyl floors make a great choice for many areas in your home.

True to Life Detail

Pergo planks are complemented by naturalistic textures to perfectly simulate nature. The natural look is achieved by adding subtle nuances, high contrasts and variations between individual planks.

Quiet Floor

Looking for a floor to keep the peace? Pergo vinyl floors offer a quiet and enjoyable walking experience, reducing sounds and step noise whilst also increasing comfort.

TitanV™ Top Protective

Pergo vinyl floors can take a whole lot more than a knock or two. The TitanV™ top protective layer efficiently seals the surface, offering improved resistance against staining and soiling, and protection against scratches.

100% Phthalate Free

Pergo vinyl floors are 100% phthalate free to ensure safety for consumers.

25 Years Guarantee*

As the ultimate proof of quality, Pergo vinyl floors come with a guarantee of up to 25 years for residential projects.

Pergo Classic Plank Optimum Click is now available at Hafary and its subsidiary company, Wood Culture.

*Terms and Conditions apply.