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14 Ora Italiana, an almost unique example of contamination of different materials in the floor covering industry. The program offers natural stones, porcelain stoneware and cement products. The beauty of materials that “talk” to each other, and the trasversality of the materials.
41zero42 is a young project open to the future; An Italian team pf professionals that focuses on the concept of beauty based on the excellence of performances, bearing in mind and even balance between research, innovation, trends and market demands. The enterprise is directed by a team of young managers who work internationally to face new challenges and potentials. The ideas and the approach are free from past logics that have conditioned the ceramic tile. The merging of technology, appearance, performance, practical use, research, innovation and “made in Italy” is the mission of 41zero42.
ABK was established in 1992 as a ceramics manufacturer specializing in wall tiles. Thanks to a series of strategic , carefully targeted acquisitions, the ABK brand now also stands out in the manufacture of porcelain stoneware floor tiles, offering clearly identifiable products whose aesthetics and quality do not just meet market trends, they often set them. Today, the company is recognized worldwide as a leader in Italian ceramics whose corporate philosophy has quality and service at its core. This is possible thanks to the two major industrial facilities, equipped with specialized production technology, located in Finale Emilia and Solignano, which work in synergy with the logistics hub in Fiorano Modenese.
The three main words to define Alapana's products are: design, style and precision. The result of a common work between the staff and the technological equipment is what makes Alapana a capable company for being a trend in the international markets is due to our attractive finishes and the exceptional technical characteristics.

Our commitment with the current society in which employees, customers and suppliers are integrated is to define a collaboration framework in terms of Social Responsibility and good practices. Our objective is the responsible management in the supply chain, both services and product. Effort and compromise from each part involved is crucial to achieve that.
The origins of Aleluia Cerâmicas date back to 1905 when it was founded by the Aleluia family. Since then, Aleluia shows a high focus in innovation and development of new solutions. In 2007, Aleluia was the first Portuguese company to invest in ceramic digital printing technology, which leads to the three units of printing lines now that are equipped with the latest generation technology. Currently, Aleluia Cerâmicas results from the integration by merger in 2006 of several Portuguese companies with some of the leading ceramic brands: Aleluia, Ceramic, Apolo and Viúva do Lamego. In 2007, also incorporated the Keratec company. Aleluia Cerâmicas offers a wide range of products which allows the creation of sophisticated solutions, diverse and multifunctional, covering a wide spectrum of applications, from the boldest decorative needs to the most demanding and technical industrial floor tiles.
Alfalux is one of the leading groups in producing and trading in floor and wall tiles in full body porcelain stoneware, glazed porcelain stoneware and single-fired and double-fired tiles. Its business guidelines include the company’s respect for the environment, while being geographically and socially aware. Alfalux focuses on medium to high-end markets by offering innovative and top quality products which are suitable for an extensive array of application. Aware of changing lifestyles, Alfalux perceives the tastes and needs of users with regards to their culture, geographical location, socio-economic status and age, offering a wide range of products to suit each and every need.
Apavisa porcelanico, is the foremost manufacturer in the production and commercialization of high-technical porcelain. The plant location of Apavisa Porcelanico merges the ability of its highly technically qualified staff and the most advanced technology in a plant surface area of over 200,000sqm.

With representatives in more than 90 countries, Apavisa offers the global market a constantly appropriate and accurate response, as well as a product that gives professionals and consumers the confidence that every major project needs.
APE Ceramic an extensive and varied catalogue of 210 product ranges each in a variety of formats and finishes, produced using a selection of different techniques and designed for every kind of home or commercial environment.
APE Ceramic is Spain’s leading tile trading company, offering services in 107 countries, across 5 continents.
As a manufacturing company, Arcana is trying to differentiate itself from other
manufacturing companies offering a high end product with a high end design. Since 1997 Arcana Ceramica works to be at the forefront of the latest developments in the international market exporting its products around the world and adapting itself to the different trends.

Thanks to the most innovative production techniques and a highly qualified team, Arcana is able to provide a constant breakthrough in the design, format and finishes of its ceramic products. And, as a part of its corporate social responsibility, Arcana Ceramica is deeply committed to providing the best technical quality in order to satisfy the most demanding needs of every specific market.
Argenta Ceramica is made up of a young and dynamic team, up for lifelong learning, that researches the current market and satisfies its needs with technical and aesthetical solutions. Its support for a new generation of a high added value product, the result of research and use of the highest technology, has been implemented by a highly qualified technical team that counts with an own area of design and development, showing the support for human value as the base of success.
Ariana, the historic company from the Sassuolo ceramic district, has been a byword for original, elegant ceramics since 1967. Always attentive to trends in interior design and with its exclusive technologies, Ariana’s product offering stands out for its uniqueness and special character. Ariana floor and wall tiles, which combine strong personality with cutting edge performance, are designed to create the most innovative and striking solutions.
Technological innovation, dynamicity, product study, design passion and partnership. For over forty years the Arpa brand interprets the taste and quality of Made in Italy on international markets. An industrial reality recognised in the production of white body wall tile and porcelain tile through a specific manufacturing and a consolidated technological know-how, make Arpa company able to interpret contemporary trends in interior design, build partnerships and deliver products technologically advanced and appreciated by international customers.
Since 1962, Ceramica Artistica Due has been at the forefront in Italy in terms of advanced technical evolution. Glazed fine porcelain stoneware perfectly combines the best technical and aesthetical features. The selection of the best raw materials, firing at 1,225 centigrade degrees, and the overall control on the production cycle, providing these products with outstanding specifications, making them highly resistant, non-absorbing, frost-proof, resistant to wear and chemicals, and easy to clean. Each amazing collection shown in the section devoted to our ceramic products results from the deep commitment and the high reliability that have always characterised Ceramica Artistica Due products all over the world.
Protagonist of the Italian ceramic industry and its history for over thirty years, Ascot has its headquarters, production plants and research laboratories in the heart of the district of Sassuolo, the industrial area that knows no rivals in the world when it comes to innovation, quality and style. Ascot specializes in research into natural materials, clays and minerals, materials that exclusive technological processes turn into ceramic tiles for floors and walls, interpreters of the new culture of living and dwelling.
Atlas Concorde is a benchmark player in the ceramic tile industry and one of the most important companies worldwide. Its mission is to provide interior designers, architects and the most demanding customers with ceramic solutions suitable for every destination of use, ensuring an aesthetic appeal that is in line with market needs and, at the same time, combine them with excellent technical performance. For decades, Atlas Concorde has been synonymous with strength, ethics and reliability, with positive financial results. A veritable reality that, every year, wins the confidence and trust of over 2,700 customers in more than 100 countries.
Aulos is a young and dynamic company equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the production of colour and full body glazed porcelain tiles. Since it’s the beginnings, Aulos has grown to become a leader in producing and distributing glazed porcelain tiles. Our collections combine the heritage of porcelain tradition with the pursuit of contemporary design. Aulos is an outstanding, top-quality brand able to innovate by offering a balanced mix of technical quality and a creative touch.
Following the line of its permanently evolution philosophy, with its innovative collections, in different sizes, textures and colours, Azulejos Benadresa offers a world of infinite possibilities to have your personal style in any atmosphere. Due to a demanding manufacturing process, an accurate selection of the best raw material and the use of the most updated technology, Azulejos Benadresa is present in more than a hundred countries.

It’s time to create, it’s time of AB.
Design, production, innovation and service are the premises of Azulev Group to constantly improve and to provide value to its clients. This effort has been translated into the creation of products, with the maximum quality, that improve life. Azulev Group has become consolidated as a world leader in the ceramic sector, and is characterised by: the personalised and conscientious attention to its clients, the constant improvement in its productive processes and its commitment to respecting our environment. The company is certified with all the Environmental Management regulations, and it is also one of the few companies of the sector that has been granted the EPD “Environmental Product Declaration”.
Innovative concepts and contemporary projects to present a new brand with 60 years of experience.

The materials seduce and leave no one indifferent both through their forms and their colours. All applications find a solution in Azuvi, from the most modern to the more classical providing a personal, unique and distinctive touch to any space.
Baldocer: Tradition and avant garde. Our way of understanding “ceramic” has permitted us to convert Baldocer into a prestigious and solid firm. Each single piece of our range represents great care in order to offer a product of high quality following our own modern style. We have been working for over 15 years to innovate and develop the latest advanced technologies to satisfy the expectations of our customers. However, Baldocer never loses sight of our identity. We continue to preserve our traditional know-how. There is nothing better than looking forward and knowing that we have taken the right way.
Bayker Italia, a company that offers floor and wall tiles, is based in the heart of a district specialised in ceramic for interior design and architecture. Our experience was born with small sizes, especially 10x10cm, and we are still strong in distributing the 10x 10cm and 10x30cm, which have become niche products. Continuing along this path, we experiment on new sizes as we strive to be a unique and innovative presence on the market. To meet the needs of the industry, Bayker constantly updates its collections and, starting from 2008, offers an expanded and completely new range of products.
Bestile provides sophisticated designer ceramics, pursues the complete satisfaction of the customer, guaranteeing quality, design and innovation. Our products combine aesthetics and functionality to create innovative trends which corresponds to the demands and desires of people.
Founded in 2002, Bode is China’s high-tech enterprise for designing, researching and manufacturing new and eco-friendly tiles. Bodes invented the micro crystalline ceramics compound board (JADE-CERA); and is well known as the innovative leader in the tile industry. Bode operates two modern manufacturing bases which are located in Foshan and Yangxi city, Guangdong province, with an annual capacity over 50 millione square meters. State-of the-art technology and all round quality control system are adopted in the production, helping Bode achieve a large variety of quality products for consumers from all over the world.
Bottega was born from the thirty-year experience of the founding partners. It is proposed as a high-end alternative in the production of floors and walls ceramic porcelain stoneware. Research and aesthetic taste combined with attention to detail make Bottega products an excellence in the Italian ceramic sector. The most modern production technologies blend with complex laboratory techniques, for an original and exclusive result.
Campani Ceramica is a historic brand, present on the market since 1957. Its evolution goes through a new way of interpreting the ceramic surface with textures and decorations from natural flavor, a new concept of living in harmony with nature. A range of wall and floor refined aesthetic, from affordable yet original character and precise: the right balance in terms of quality, emotion and innovation.
Bringing glamour from the old world, Candia Valpanaro is a true classic in home fashion. Blending creativity and passion in design and manufacturing processes, Candia Valpanaro has a wide range of ceramic tile styles from the classic to the ultra-modern for every decorating style, offering the appeal of classic good taste resulting in timeless, refined, unique elegance. Nature is also reflected in their classic wood, stone and rock series, and the refined look of travertine, granite, and slate. Surprisingly realistic effects, natural colours in different shades are the characteristics of the brand.
Capucino Ceramics embodies the elegant taste and the essence of life. The company integrates the lifestyles of the discerning from all over the world and accumulates them in the brand culture. This is elegance, the symbol of Capucino.
Our company’s complete devotion to service has driven us in our continual development of new product ranges fitting the specific décor requirements of each market.

Carmen Ceramic Art has become one of the world’s leading firms, having the largest number of items in its catalogue, with around 3,000 product created especially to match the peculiarities and aesthetic and functional needs of each particular market.
Casalgrande Padana was founded in 1960, the first Italian company to specialize in glazed stoneware. This year, Casalgranda Padana celebrates its first fifty years in the business, half a century of history during which it experienced an extraordinary development that has made it an undisputed global leader. Culture of manufacture and culture of design are the basic areas which in these fifty years have been the distinctive traits of Casalgrande Padana’s development strategies, and the company will keep pursuing a right balance between economic growth, technological innovation, respect of the environment and shared well-being.
Quality and responsiveness to customer needs are the foundation on which rests the Cayyenne business philosophy and the engine that has been having offices in major world capitals. This international presence allows Cayyenne to monitor and study trends that determine the demand and thus anticipate and provide an optimal response to our customers.
For over 60 years, CE.SI. has been offering glazed porcelain stoneware tiles of the highest quality, able to satisfy the most demanding customer, thanks to its wide range of plain colours and modular sizes.

The research in excellence of raw materials, the respect for the environment, the continuous attention to the aesthetic and performance demands of the market, made our brand CE.SI. a worldwide leader in manufacture of glazed and unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles, for wall, floor, indoor and outdoor use. Colours, sizes, matching trims offer endless customisable designs.

CE.SI. tile is not only a mere tile. It holds all our story, all our passion, all our experience.
Cedir has been designing and creating ceramic materials for floors and walls in porcelain stoneware and single firing since 1968, uniting the classical tradition of creating ceramics with the most innovative design. Avant-garde plants, great attention to the quality and the demands of several markets are the factors that have led to Cedir’s affirmation in the world. For over 40 years, Cedir has offered its clients materials that are designed and produced in Italy: floors and walls of high aesthetic quality and high technical performance. Creative and quality, 100% made in Italy.
Since 1968, Ceramica Colli is synonymous with design and product quality. Particular attention is given always to the value of raw materials and technological developments, always with the intent to achieve a high aesthetic. Today, Ceramica Colli offers a unique range of floor and wall tiles. With its numerous series coordinates, Ceramica Colli is able to meet the needs of colour, finish, size and style of all spaces.
Ceramica del Conca was conceived in 1979 by entrepreneurs with experience in the field of construction, both in Italy and abroad, new to the world of tiles, but sensitive to the technological evolution and growing expectations of the market. Today, the company is known internationally for the quality of its products, the excellence of its service, its ability for innovation and the design it offers. After the important investments of recent years, which have brought about considerable growth in the production capacity of its site, prospects for growth over the coming years are based on synergies with industry companies, also belonging to the Group, which can place their production capacity at the service of the dynamic commercial penetration of Ceramica del Conca.
Ceramica Euro offers quality products made in Italy.
In 50 years of ceramic tradition, we have built a business made of creativity, intelligence and a spirit of renewal which today is the heart and soul of our company. “Designing Italian style floors to meet the world” is our way of thinking of an exclusive range of ceramic tiles: dynamically, originally and competently, using production processes marked by quality and technological innovation. Ceramica Fioranese aims for continuous evolution, to create ceramic tiling with a beautiful, functional spirit: so that the places we live in can become a place of well-being, in a wider, richer and more rational concept of living.
With more than 50 years of experience, we are a market leader in the production and sale of porcelain floor and wall tiles and slabs. Ever since 1962, Ceramica Fondovalle has pursued the goals of aesthetic refinement, quality, a focus on detail, technological development and innovation, safeguarding the environment and the land; it is a company made up of people, ideas and materials that come together every day to offer the Italian and international markets the best of Italian design in ceramics. This is why technical design, aesthetic study and pursuit of stylistic trends have always been central concerns for us, supported by on-going strategic investment and non-stop technological innovation guaranteeing excellent productive processes, exclusive top quality products and efficient service.
In 1968 Mr. Alfeo Gazzini took the bold step of founding the company that he still runs today. Ceramica Gazzini has been known for its continued development of excellent and quality products since the very beginning. It is fitting that, having never abandoned the company’s history; these ideals continue to make Ceramica Gazzini a market trendsetter and one of the most well-respected companies for product and service excellence in the industry.
Everything begins in April, 2014: a young professionals’ team, hungry and foolish, with a boundless passion for the profession and a mission: to relaunch one of the historic names of Italian ceramic, Ceramica Magica, who was established in 1983. Promptness, accurate service, flexibility, professionalism: a team that gives to the single person, to its qualities and responsibilities, the main importance. Fighting mediocrity, pursuing excellence, working hard with passion: this is our way of doing business!
Ceramica Mediterranea identifies as a strong and stable company that is growing supported by a large range of porcelain tiles that meets market demand.
Founded in 1986, Cerámica Ribesalbes stands out for its solid and extensive career in the ceramic decorations and tile sector. Throughout its 30 year history, it has managed to merge to perfection the latest technology and the tradition of handmade ceramics getting high quality collections that have managed to adapt and follow the most demanding market trends.

Today, we are still facing the future, with more strength and enthusiasm than ever, to promote trust in each satisfied customer and meet new challenges and dreams.
Rondine S.P.A is one of the most flourishing industrial groups today. The enthusiasm of the early days has remained intact, allowing the company to grow and flourish along with the results. New products, new technologies, research and development, quality, design, attention to the environment are the guidelines that have accompanied the company throughout 50 years and shows Ceramica Rondine the way to go through, today and tomorrow.
At Saloni, we have manufactured ceramics since 1971. Today, tradition and innovation merge to create a global, integrated and customer focused company model. With presence in over 100 countries, we provide constructive solutions to the five continents. We have more than 270,000m2 of sustainable facilities equipped with state-of-the art technology, reflecting a creative, dynamic and innovative philosophy.
Protagonist of a very successful business, Ceramica Sant'Agostino began his career in 1964 in the vicinity of Ferrara, in a geographically distant from the other Italian companies in the sector almost all concentrated in a particular spot of Emilia. A winning choice over the years proved to be synonymous with strong autonomy in planning and strategic vision always innovative. The company, led today by the family of its founder, is continually investing in product innovation and process together. It operates one hundred percent in Italy and at its headquarters in St. Augustine that designs and manufactures a wide range of products of the highest standards that respond technically and stylistically to the needs of a changing market.
Ceramica Tres Estilos is a modern, dynamic and innovative company. With modern facilities that allows for manufacturing and decoration using the latest technologies in digital printing technique, the company is able to propose tiles in extensive designs, colours, textures, techniques, forms and shapes. Over the last three decades, Ceramica Tres Estilos has been constantly innovating and engaging in research. These efforts have been recognised by obtaining awards presented by the Technical Committee of Cevisama.
Today like 60 years ago, Ceramica Valsecchia is the perfect partner to offer you high-quality porcelain stoneware for residential and commercial use for both indoor and outdoor.
Viva aims to anticipate desires. Founded in 1985, Viva’s mission was to revolutionize the concept of ceramic as a functional product, to an art piece that is in line with furnishing, fashion and architecture trends. With the Emilceramica Group, Viva became the brand of choice for new research and the production of industrial design objects with distinctive visual characteristics and technical excellence. Viva is well- known for product innovation, interesting interpretation and details.
Since 1978, the year in which the company started its activities, Ceramica Vogue has been putting its expertise at the service of interior designers and decorators, establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of frost-resistant white glazed stoneware tiles for floors and walls, thanks to the design, excellence and elegance, typical of traditional Italian industry. The outstanding technical performance and attention dedicated to aesthetics characterize Ceramica Vogue branded products, giving rise to a wide range of environmentally-friendly tile collections designed to furnish interiors and exteriors with innovative solutions.
Ceramicas Aparici S.A produces and commercialises ceramic wall and floor tiles and porcelain tiles to the national and international market. Established since 1961 in Alcora, the company started with a team of eight dedicated workers whom produce “bizcocho” through traditional kilns. In 1966, the company expanded in operations with a factory area of 10,000 sqm and a work force of 50 workers. In its business growth, Ceramicsas Aparici stands out for being one of the pioneer companies to launch floor tiles. At the end of the 70s, Ceramicas Aparici owns facilities up to 20,000 sqm and with a productive capacity of 6,000 sqm. Currently, the facility of Ceramicas Aparici possesses a productive capacity that reaches 14,5000,000 sqm a year.
Since 1988, Caesar’s name has been synonymous with top quality porcelain stoneware. Its top notch products are the result of the perfect union between technology performance, functionality and aesthetics. Caesar’s porcelain stoneware is distributed in over 80 countries and is used for flooring and cladding in installations and projects. “Where material becomes culture” is Caesar’s philosophy which begins with research and thorough knowledge of the material, mastering it and making Caesar products distinct. It also means selecting and using only the best raw materials from different parts of the world.
With many years of experience, Capri maintains the highest standards of ceramic tile manufacturing and design.
Since 1971, Castelvetro has been producing ceramic tiles, always focusing on beauty and design and without ever leaving out a steady search for quality in its products. Porcelain stoneware ceramic tiles made in Italy, ideal for indoor and outdoor flooring. A wide range of ceramic tiles, featuring a range of effects from wood to stone.
Since 1961, the Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea Group has been developing its own concept of living, a winning choice that has made the company a byword for Italian style, excellence and quality in the 100 countries it operates.
Ceramiche Keope, member of the Concorder Group, is a young and dynamic firm. Equipped with an innovative modern plant, the company’s product capacity is able to reach five million square meters of gres porcelain. Today, the Keope range can be used internally and externally for both residential and commercial sectors. With constant investments in technology, careful research on markets, use of available resources and the desire to provide total customer satisfaction, Keope’s success can be seen in the 80 countries over the world.
Since 1984, Ceramiche Mariner serves small to large enterprise, in Italy and abroad, with the professionalism of the services and the quality of its products. Our wide range of products includes double firing, single firing and porcelain stoneware that are available in a choice of sizes to suit every need.
Since it was founded in 1962, Piemme has been focusing on the development of Italian style with its on-going commitment to aesthetic research. The unmistakable Piemme style is expressed in real Italian white body wall tiles, made with painstaking craftsmanship, and the latest-generation of porcelain stoneware, made using cutting-edge technologies. Today, Piemme continues to find new and original colours, while pursuing beauty for their products. Coupled with excellent strength and life-span of the materials, many of Piemme’s products are classified PEI 5 by the Bologna Ceramic Centre and have been greatly appreciated by major world distributors.
In 1975, Provenza was founded in Sassuolo, Modena, Italy, the world famous ceramic tile production district. It aims to be one of the companies of reference for top-end ceramic tiles, with state-of-the-art production plants and an independent research development department. Over time, Provenza acquired the image of a dynamic company, responsive to trends in taste and new technologies. The creation of original collections also established several products as sector benchmarks, and helped shape the history of ceramic tiles. Today, Provenza sets new frontiers in research and innovation, with products that represent the very best in Italian-made ceramic coverings.
Ceramiche Refin has been a presence on the international market since 1962 and is part of the Grupoo Concorde, the largest ceramic group in Europe. The constant commitment towards aesthetic research and technological innovation has seen the company achieve product and production excellence, thus becoming more and more competitive on the international market. Today, Refin offers a broad range of porcelain tiles solutions for residential and project-planning destinations.
Company Ceramiche San Nicola S.r.l. It specializes in the creation of high quality porcelain stoneware flooring and coatings, which is expressed both in terms of aesthetics and technology. The constant innovation and the search for new techniques are at the heart of the company’s mission, currently the sector leader in southern Italy.
The company was established in 1969 in Fioranese Modenese. In 1993, it was the “Valtresinaro” brand buyout that “Settecento – Mosaici e Ceramiche D’Arte” starts a “new era”. Today this brand is one of the most recognised, dynamic and brightest one present on the market. Export quota of 90% and commercial presence in more than 70 countries all over the world, with 20 million Euro of turnover, make “Settecento – Mosaici e Ceramiche D’Arte” approach today the market with a strong leadership in the “High Market” for interior design and innovative top class solutions. Research, design, quality, vivid stylish fingerprint and a continuous relation with the architectural field, is what the company focuses on as a “must” for innovation, avant-garde and creativity.
Sichenia was founded in the early 70’s and has grown continuously as a manufacturer of porcelain stoneware floor coverings and single-fired wall coverings, consolidating its position in the ceramic tile sector as a company that offers a complete range of products. Quality, reliability, innovation and professionalism are the values that guide our projects and that will dictate our future choices.
Founded in 1961 in Casalgrande, Ceramiche Supergres started its business with the production of double-fired and cottoforte tiles for floors and walls. From the initial small company made up by the founders and local workers, the company grew, together with Sassuolo industrial district, and expanded to develop a presence in numerous markets across the world. In 1996, following a series of ownership transfers, the company was acquired by the Gruppo Concorde. Since then, Supergres has continued to grow and today the company exports its products to more than 50 countries in the world and has a strong reputation as one of the most established ceramic brands at a global level.
Brand founded in 1975 and acquired by the Romani Group in 2005. Cercom transforms its history into identity and recognition, to communicate smoothly with the world of architecture and professionals, always concentrating on offering high quality technical solutions: which is why the company focuses its proposals on constant technological innovation, continuous logistics service improvement and the development of human resources. Cercom provides solutions for floor and wall cladding with a production system among the most advanced in the world, strongly oriented towards protecting the environment and the ecosystem. Its collections, in a balanced mix of design, aesthetics and high technical performance, fit perfectly into any contemporary project.
Technological innovation, dynamism, product research, a passion for design and good working relationship with builders and designers are the qualities that Cerdomus encompasses. For over forty years, Cerdomus has projected itself with a “Made in Italy” style and quality on the international markets. A leading producer of vitrified stoneware tiles, Cerdomus manufacturing expertise and consolidated technological know-how makes it a company capable of setting trends in contemporary interior design, building partnerships and working with designers. Offering products which are at the vanguard of technology, Cerdomus wins the preferences of clients all over the world.
The philosophy of Champion is governed by the following:

Stable - Make honest and steadfast operation, pursue excellence and growth to satisfy customers and be the model of the industry.
Excelling – Seek outstanding achievement, focus on management efficiency, innovate research and development technology.
Exquisite – Make continuous improvement, pursue flawless quality, and provide meticulous service.
Sharing – Give back to employees, contribute to social welfare.
Established in 2013, Charma Gres is a newly created ceramic brand under Create-tide Group. For decades, Create-tide, has been serving hundreds of ceramic factories with its professional technology and experience. Inspired by nature, created by artisans, we believe that the beauty and quality of our products will speak for themselves.
From the beginning, the company worked in order to offer its customers a fair balance within quality and price. To this policy we add an excellent staff, continuous investments in technology, premises, product, image, service and quality. As a result, we get a factory which started producing 1 million sqm/year and now, the production capacity reaches 9 million sqm/year, positioning Cicogres as a leading company in its field. Certainly this background is encouraging us to keep working for our customers by developing more and better products, sizes, and present models in order to decorate any space.
Cifre Group is a solid business group with over 30 years’ experience in the tile sector. It currently has four manufacturing centres that produce 65,000m2 a day, with a workforce of over 400 people. Each manufacturing centre specializes in a specific type of product and format in order to ensure maximum efficiency.
Born in the magical years of the sixties, in 1964, there is no other way of describing Cinca than considering it as noble as to say that the characteristics instilled in the business are quality, accuracy and professionalism. The company started its business with the production of porcelain mosaics in response to the needs of architects, builders and consumers in Portugal. Over the years, by having close collaboration with world renowned design offices, the Cinca range is able to satisfy the needs of customers, architects and planners. With great variety and flexibility, Cinca is able to find the best solution for their clients.
CIR offers glazed porcelain stoneware solutions with high decorative impact for the residential market. Characterised by an unmistakable style and specialising in a wide range of small sizes such as 10x10cm, the company caters for a young and dynamic clientele, offering quality backed by design and excellent technical performance. Constant stylistic updating and research in colours, surfaces and textures characterise the offer, ready to provide answers to target customer needs. CIR has always known how to evolve its history, from roots that sink deep into ceramics culture to the most advanced (and also technological) innovation, while maintaining a high degree of awareness for ceramic products and for products which can also be playful and enjoyable.
The main objective of Class Tile has always been that of offering its customers ceramic products of a superior quality. From technical to glazed porcelain stoneware and stunning collections in white body, Class Tile offers a vast range of ceramic floor and wall tiles. Together with its innovative spirit and passion for its products, attention to the latest trends, the changing market and customer service, the sheer variety of architectural solutions make Class Tile an upcoming name in ceramic Made in Italy. Particularly attentive to technological innovations as well as aesthetics, it put itself at the forefront of a sustainable and eco-friendly production.
Founded in 2011, Coem’s porcelain stoneware supersedes their source to become a different matter in a multitude of colours, shapes, surfaces and decorations to design contemporary spaces and architectures. This is further enhanced by transforming the technical characteristics of stone into resistant porcelain stoneware product. All these are made possible with innovation and cutting edge technology. Coem Ceramiche respects the environment by developing only eco-friendly products in local factories, in line with environmental directives.
Colorker S.A. is a company dedicated to the production and commercialisation of ceramic floor and wall tiles. Since the company’s beginnings back in 1987, Colorker have worked hard to ensure maximum standards of quality and design in all products. A leader in the ceramic tile sector and a reference for a large number of material specifiers and distributors, Colorker has earned the recognition and respect of other companies operating in the industry.
Tile manufacturer from Italy.
Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola is the company of reference in the ceramics market. A leader in production capacity and technological development, Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola is always in step with the evolution of modern consumer trends. By working closely with top-notch designers, the company is able to find the best solutions for all types of space and architectural idea. With the experience and necessary knowledge, Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola is the partner to realise your project development.
Over the years, Cotto has become more and more established as a world-class manufacturer of tiles and sanitary ware. Cotto products are a result of substantial investment in pioneering production technology and extensive researches which allow us to best understand and respond to the behaviours and culture of consumers in each locality of the world. Our stance is to be the responsible trendsetter in the tile and sanitary ware industry. Such ambition will position us as the brand that affords customers utmost satisfaction eventually.
Cotto D'Este was born in 1993 in Sassuolo by Paul Mussini, founder and current Managing Director of the company. Paying close attention to detail in the finishing and technical quality of the products, Cotto D’Este is able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. This quality helped the company to gain the leading position in the industry of high-end floor and wall coverings. Cotto D’Este is also committed to intensive research and development aimed at identifying new production methods for innovative product lines.
Founded in 1980 in Bologna, Dado Ceramica is a ceramics company that manufactures porcelain stoneware and double-fired tiles for both residential and commercial settings. The company has been constantly evolving in design and technology in the past decades. Manufacturing a kaleidoscope of ceramic surfaces, in which colour engages with material, textures with decorations and sizes with graphics for a quality and stylish personal touch, the company’s style and craftsmanship has gained a foothold on the international markets.
Damia Ceramics - Feel the Difference. We are dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of extremely high quality porcelain stoneware. The aim of Damia Ceramics is to offer the market exclusive products that combine technique and design to achieve beauty, durability and sustainability.
Decoratori Bassanesi was founded in 1988 and is positioned immediately on the market as a brand that represents the values of artistic decoration in the field of handmade ceramic coating.

Demonstrating the beauty of surfaces by expanding the canons of tradition has always been Decoratori Bassanesi’s original goal. Today Decoratori Bassanesi presents itself to the market with a completely refreshed look, maintaining the theme of decoration, reworked with an authentic and visionary perspective. Research and attention to detail, which are the fundamental values of the company, permeate every branch of production, from the choice of materials to experimentation with the most progressive techniques.

Domogres is a specialist in porcelain tiles and more. The company leads the trends in the industry with beautiful and contemporary designs and quality materials.
For 46 years, Dong Peng remains a consistent pursuit to provide low-carbon, eco-friendly and customized household solution for our customers. The core strategy of Dong Peng is to have a continuous innovation spirit with an eco-development direction. Adhering to the concept of working hand in hand with honesty and integrity, Dong Peng has transformed from a manufacturing enterprise to a service-oriented ecological enterprise. Through value creation for customers and society, Dong Peng continues to enhance its own value and endeavor to become a leading player with sustainable growth.
At Dual Gres, we are in constant development, with a focus on creativity and environmental defense, to achieve a permanent evolution of our products that can satisfy our customers.
In 1993, we were born with a clear purpose: to create materials that not only surprise but also inspire the development of unique projects. From our origins, we have explored the endless technical and aesthetic possibilities of ceramics, giving life to innovative products that enhance people's originality and self-expression. We strive to make the world a richer place in beauty and sensations.

With over 30 years of experience, we maintain the enthusiasm and energy of the first day. Dune has become an international reference brand, appreciated by architects, interior designers, and distributors worldwide for its originality and versatility. Explore the world of Dune and discover the difference in every detail!
Durstone is a well-known brand and reference in the competitive international ceramic sector. Our business line is based on analyzing trends, testing quality and knowing the technological innovations in porcelain, with the purpose of offering the market a catalog of collections carefully chosen to meet the highest levels of technical and aesthetic requirements. With effort and dedication we have taken our brand and our products to both the Spanish and international markets and, nevertheless, we continue working with the enthusiasm and commitment of the first day.
Ecoceramic was born in 2009, it is a young company. Ecoceramic has expanded greatly in a few years in the domestic and international market. Nowadays, Ecoceramic has customers in more than 100 countries, adapting its products to the aesthetic needs of each country.
Edilcuoghi is a ceramic brand, made in Italy, specialized in the interior design sector and offers surfaces for the home, bath, boutique and hotel. It includes a broad range of floors and coverings, available in various formats, colours and surfaces, which combine contemporary design with modern technology.
Edilgres is an all-Italian brand of ceramics for floors and walls in the field of residential and commercial construction. It includes technical porcelain ceramic surfaces with the appearances of natural stone, cement and wood. The brand features three collections: Edilgres Stonelab, Marblelab and Concretelab.
EdimaxAstor produces glazed porcelain stoneware colored mixtures for flooring and wall coverings that are of high quality and innovative design, with a wide variety of surfaces, colours and sizes. Made in Italy, each collection is inspired by research aimed at interpreting national and international trends, providing ample aesthetic and functional solutions for professionals in this sector.
Element by Bell’Italia is an innovative brand whose original task is the pursuit if the new aesthetic and application solutions. The company offers collections with style, performance, technology, environmental friendliness that affirms their 100% Made in Italy origin. With its collections well-finished in every detail Element by Bell’Italia tiles is conceived for discerning designers and users; for prestigious indoor and outdoor environments; public, commercial residential architectural applications, in Italy and around the world.
Element Ceramics is committed the fashionable and trendy design, manufacture and sales of full vitrified porcelain tiles that are set to provide total surfacing solutions for living spaces with aesthetic appeal and functional versatility.
Eleven Tiles specializes in the production of beautiful décor tiles for residential and commercial spaces. It includes a broad range of designs in various formats, textures and colours which are able to cater to the needs of the design industry worldwide.
Founded in 1968, Elios Ceramica has always specialized in small sizes, carrying on with on-going innovation, artistic ceramics promoting Made in Italy every day. Care and attention to little details are combined with creativity and determination to create original surfaces, blending textures and colours to form unique materials. Elios collection start out as a set of modular solutions which can be combined as desired, on the basis of one’s own style and personality, to make any space unique.
EnergieKer was founded in 1989 by a historic family company that decides to promote and give identity to all its products through the establishment of a brand that is now internationally recognized in the ceramic industry market. EnergieKer develops products that are increasingly innovative and in step with market trends. To date, the company boasts a production of 8.5 million square meters divided into floors and walls for interiors, large slabs and floors in thickness 1 and 2 cm dedicated to outdoor environments.
Founded on September 27, 1999, EQUIPE CERAMICAS, SL emerged to meet the demands of a growing niche market betting on the decorative borders. In just five years after its inception, EQUIPE had become the undisputed leader in the national and international market borders and began to grow in revenue and increase their customer base. In 2005 the company began to focus its efforts on small format wall-tiling and began a process of change in terms of product and business strategy. EQUIPE ‘s vision is to be the leading company in the sector of small format, providing added value with a high design load, a real commitment to his client and transparency, proximity and flexibility that make EQUIPE to be a company tailored to their times and constantly evolving.
With a focus on innovation and tradition, our creative team leads ceramic trends through reinvention. Comprising skilled professionals, we provide technical excellence and irresistible aesthetics. With over 30 years of experience, we stand as a dependable and versatile choice for all ceramic projects.
Evoque Living Ceramic is a Spanish supplier that specializes in both wall and floor tiles.
Established in 1987, Fanal ceramics has its values based on hard work, design and technology; unmistakable values for growth that has made Fanal ceramics a reference in the ceramics sector. These 25 years of constant evolution, looking for innovative quality solutions have allowed us to look toward the future with the determination to work on new collections, formats and textures that anticipate aesthetic trends and that fit any market. Today, Fanal ceramics continues with its commitment to work harder for our clients to achieve the maximum objectives based on an atmosphere of respect for others, teamwork and diversity, the seal of Fanal ceramics.
FAP Ceramiche’s mission is to offer products and solutions able to represent and project onto the bathroom and the home the personality of the people who live there. FAP collections combine the heritage of ceramic tradition with the pursuit of contemporary design. Our aim is to offer a fresh take on ceramic wall coverings every time: FAP Ceramiche is an outstanding, top-quality brand able to innovate by offering a balanced mix of the traditional and the modern, of technical quality and a creative touch. With FAP Ceramiche products, a dream home is no longer a luxury for the chosen few, but a real opportunity within everyone’s reach.
A group that identifies with the concept of the team. A team that brings together Italian-made excellence and exports it to more than 110 countries with the world. With its distinctive new trademark, Fiandre underlies the evolution of a story that has represented innovation and tradition for more than 50 years in a recognizable symbol reborn in the company’s new brand, to preserve its history and roots.
The Fincibec Group is known as a brand that specializes in the production of surfacing materials that are aesthetically pleasing and technologically durable. The company is able to anticipate trends, offering the market a complete range of collections that are not only original, but also that of the finest quality. With creative designs and technological innovation, the Fincibec Group has been serving clients for over 50 years and more.
The conviction and guiding principle of Flaviker is to pursue original ideas. Here, with the aid of technology and design, intuitions and ceramic know-how shape matter into a material of pure excellence. Flaviker is determined in its drive to achieve and to make full use of all its know-how. The company’s daily operations are made up of projects of real work, undertaken to deliver consolidated values of experience, reliability, style and expertise.
Florim has been occupying a consolidated position of leadership on the world ceramics stage for more than 50 years, thanks to their iconic attention to research, innovation and social responsibility. Producing 23 million sqm of ceramic material a year, Florim is a manufacturer that offers surfaces for all requirements in architecture, interior design and building construction. Products made under the Florim brands are sold to top customers and importers all over the world. Square metre after square metre, Florim has been setting the pace of technological evolution in a constant challenge aimed at assuring a sustainable future.
Florina Ceramics, founded in 1984, is one of the leading tile suppliers in China. Technological and aesthetic research, design, quality and service are the key points of Florina Ceramics’ strategy and operation. Our philosophy is always based on the offer of technically advanced products with high quality standard at a reasonable price level. With a full solution of series, colours and sizes available, Florina Ceramics provides a comprehensive product range for customer’s selection.
The history of Gamma Due begins in 1977 with the birth of “Studio Gamma”, a small craft business of ceramic decoration third fire. Four people held manually the operations necessary for the decoration of the tiles. The following year changed its name to Gamma Due, and it has embarked on a massive development that, thanks to a continuous diversification of its activities, to be recognized as the world leader in ceramic decoration and industrial point of reference in the international design applied to ceramics.
GANI Ceramic CO., Ltd., founded in Foshan Guangdong in 2002, pioneered a new porcelain category – Marble Tiles in 2009. Since its birth, Marble Tiles have been widely recognized by various sectors and customers. The sales network of Gani Marble Tiles covers more than sixty countries around the world like Italy, France, America, and Australia. With more than five hundreds franchised stores in China and around the world, GANI proactively delivers its quality products and services to dozens of famous projects like hotels, shopping malls, airports, deluxe apartments in Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok, Sydney, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Now more than 1 million families choose Gani Marble Tiles.
Over a century of experience decorating lifestyles and designing imperishable ambiences. A definitive warranty that guarantees a great ceramic product of the maximum quality and beauty. Gayafores has established worldwide reaching over 80 countries spread over five continents. This becomes as well part of the Gayafores philosophy, and the daily effort to offer new possibilities and decorative solutions, adapted to the needs of the market which aim is to contribute in improving the quality of life of the people that understand the ceramic tradition of Gayafores.
Geotiles has established itself as a leading company within the Spanish ceramic sector, thanks to its excellent service and extensive range of quality products. These attributes are widely recognized and valued by our customers worldwide. Our aim is to fulfill the increasing demanding requirements of the market by offering a wide variety of products, ranging from white and red body to all types of porcelain tiles. With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, our company has been awarded diverse export prizes granted by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation in recognition for our work around the world.
Gigacer was born in Faenza, the cradle of ceramics and cutting edge of industrial and crafting production technology in ceramic materials. This territory contains the right environment and skills necessary to develop an innovative project in this industry, following the strictest regulations on quality and environment preservation. Experience and technological innovative merge into a new way of producing ceramic tiles: flexible, with high quality and oriented to satisfy an everyday more demanding market. This is our mission, the mission of a modern and innovative company, definitely Made in Faenza.
Grammy is a professional manufacturer producing premium ceramic tiles. The company is dedicated to producing quality products with original designs from China to the rest of the world.
Young and dynamic in both people and structures, Graniser is a fast growing company and has become one of the leading ceramic tile producers in Turkey. Established in 1997, the company pursues perfection and sincerity in quality management and service system. Graniser produces and sells single and double-fired wall, floor and glazed tiles in various sizes and over 5,000 varieties in its 275,000m2 acre plant. Graniser now exports to more than 60 countries.
Grespania is an international ceramic manufacturing company, producing collections which boast both innovative technical properties as well as innovative cutting edge designs. A combination of ongoing investment in further improving the manufacturing process, continual adaptation to latest advances in design, and a permanent concern for the good of the environment have all helped “stamp” the Grespania brand as a global market leader for the past 40 years.
Since1969, Gruppo Ceramiche Gresmalt has laid the groundwork to become one of the leading ceramics companies in Italy and worldwide in the production and sale of porcelain stoneware for floor and wall coverings.
In the past 15 years, Guocera has been transforming the living and work spaces of its customers with amazing products and services. Inspired by quality Italian craftsmanship and its artisan ethos, Guocera is the tile manufacturer of choice in over 50 countries globally. The diversity of Guocera’s product range, in design and materials, has earned the company consumers and businesses that are looking at expressing their individual taste and style.
Halcón Cerámicas was founded all the way back in 1963, a time when kilns were fed with logs from our mountains and tiles were sorted by hand. These days our four production centres are equipped with the most advanced technology. The research, the continual improvement of processes and the most exhaustive quality controls guarantee the highest quality products and services to satisfy the most demanding markets in the entire world.
We believe in a dynamic company that turns its passion into a concrete investment in the future. We believe in new ideas and go for their most contemporary expression: design. We believe in relationships and take care of our clients with attention and dedication. We believe in the quality of our products and therefore we offer timeless but modern style wall and floor tiles. We believe in a better future and pay a particular attention to environmental protection. We believe in our origins and are a company 100% Made in Italy.

We are Herberia, our mission is your satisfaction.
In 1985, Ibero was born as an industry for the manufacture of ceramic floor and wall coating. Since then, Ibero’s main concern has been to provide high quality products and design, always using the most advanced technologies. Keeping a steady concern over the incorporation of new technologies to create designs that improve and innovate the current proposals adapted to the avant-garde trends, Ibero is also developing new processes and production techniques that are environmentally friendly.
At ICC Ceramic, we bring worldwide knowledge and wisdom, distinguished taste and originality into our tiles. Since 1979, the company has been integrating the best and most advanced technology into the manufacturing and production of tiles. The company has received various awards in North America and China, including the Top Ten Glazed Porcelain Brands in China for 3 years consecutively.
Impronta Ceramiche is the brand by Italgraniti Group for floor and wall tile collections for residential and commercial areas. As the high-end coverings specialists, Impronta has always been considered the benchmark for its top of the range tile coverings. The extremely high technical and aesthetic solutions applied to Impronta surfaces is the result of state of the art technology and their elegant and sophisticated style, designed to guarantee their long lasting appeal.
Inalco boasts more than 40 years’ experience in the ceramic tile sector. Differentiation lies at the core of the company’s development, which is strategically focused on design and innovation in its processes, products and services. Inalco has been specialised in the design and production of large format and designer ceramic tile series, and was pioneer to produce porcelain tiles in various formats. The company’s sales network extends practically worldwide thanks to the company’s commitment to its internationalization policy which has spread the major innovations and techniques in ceramic tiles. Today the company exports to over 110 countries.
INAX is a Japanese brand that manufactures innovative sanitaryware and artistic ceramic tiles.

The history of INAX can be traced back over 100 years when our forefathers worked on producing the tiles for the second main building of the Imperial Hotel designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. By determining the properties of clay and the impact of fire, through numerous trials, they succeeded in the large-scale production of the decorative tiles, which became the foundation of INAX. Since then, we have continuously pursued to deliver products for new and better living, engaging in challenging innovations including the first made-in-Japan shower toilet, self-powered hands-free faucet, and interior tiles that freshen the air in the room. Meanwhile, INAX has also cultivated the skills to produce tiles that offer sophisticated expressions through delicate coloring and texture inspired by Japanese tradition, culture, and the seasonal changes of nature, as well as build on its expertise in designing the overall space using tiles and pursue product designs that fit well with the surrounding architecture.

INAX creates beautiful, innovative bathrooms from Japan that make everyday life easier, healthier and more enjoyable, enabling everyone to live well.
From Italy, Interplan provides ceramic and porcelain tiles worldwide.
Iris Ceramica is the world leader in the production of glazed ceramic and glazed porcelain tiles for wall and floor coverings for residential, retail and industrial projects. With a range of more than 50 collections totalling over 2500 items, Iris Ceramica has been adding to the prestige of Italian-made coverings world-wide since 1961, and is constantly demonstrating its commitment to the creation of ceramics with high technical and stylistic value, characterised by leading-edge design of an excellence reflected by international prizes and awards.
Isla was founded in 1973 and in 2012, became part of the Serenissima Cir Group through its subsidiary N.G.T. Custodian of a deeply creative, refined and contemporary style, it features a wide range, making the production ideal for residential architecture. Isla promotes porcelain stoneware floor tiles and white-body wall tiles, with particular attention to the choice of decorations and complements that give the tile its classic beauty. Isla currently ranks as an emerging player in the panorama of Italian ceramic companies.
Founded in 2018, ITA-ITILES is a modern Italian industrial ceramics producer specialising in high quality porcelain stoneware tiles. Placing the strength of teamwork and technological innovation at the centre of every process, ITA-Itiles work constantly to develop and produce ceramic surfaces, with their strong Italian aesthetic connotations and high-profile technical contents, and distribute them on the international market, with a firm commitment to professional, social and environmental ethics.
The Italgraniti Group was established by merging two ceramic manufacturers, respectively present on the market since 1975 and 1994, both companies already had a strongly consolidated image in the sector. Italgraniti Group is a dynamic and innovative company that has undergone significant expansion in recent years thanks to a far-sighted business strategy and considerable investments in avant-garde production technologies. The result is a complete range of high quality products, not only able to meet the demands of market trends but often able to anticipate them.
ITT Ceramic commercializes ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles to the national and international market. Currently, the facilities of ITT Ceramic are able to manage a capacity load that reaches 3,000,000 square meters a year. Research and development are constantly underway. We study the trends of each market, select our designs and develop all our series, which are totally exclusive for our collection. The actual trends of the market showed us that the modern consumers do not consider the ceramic product as a construction material but as a determinant element in the conception of the living space.
JDD Ceramica specialises in the production of ceramic and porcelain tiles. The company’s mission is to provide quality products and service from China to the world.
JLA Ceramics is a professional brand which has been constantly innovating and supplying quality tiles to the world.
Thanks to our direct contact and cooperation with customers, our adaptation to new production techniques and the efforts made by our business and the technical team, Jose Oset is a qualified company with up-to-date ceramic production techniques and designs.
Keraben Grupo started its activity in 1974. Since then, our customer focus and the continuous technological innovation have guided our steps. Each of our products are manufactured in our production facilities Nules province of Castellon, Spain. We design and develop our products from the conception of the first idea to the manufacture, using the latest ceramic technology to reproduce in a few hours what nature takes to make thousands of years. The best raw materials, the latest ceramic technology and dedication to excellence of our professionals make it possible every day. Because quality is closely linked to our way of doing things.
Keramex specialises in 20x20cm wall and floor tiles manufacture. The important changes recently undertaken by the company in terms of innovation, modernization of our structures and special formation of our employees is reflected in the excellence of our products and the strict fulfilment of our delivery deadlines.
Keratile aims to create a pleasant space with our products and to provide comfort as well as meeting expectations about maintenance, efficiency and preservation.
Keros Ceramica is an international company specialized in manufacturing and selling of wall and floor ceramic tiles, with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Its main objective is focused on offering an exceptional standard of quality and service to its clients, for this reason the company is permanently investing in the most advanced technology, always with the utmost respect for the environment.
Kronos is a company whose roots like in a region where the value of the ceramic tradition has become part of the culture of a population who, from one generation to another, has managed to bring the ceramic industry and its products to represent Italian products all over the world. We at Kronos have created excellent products in this sector for over 30 years. Our design research and DNA oriented towards constant product innovation have made us leaders in the production of porcelain stoneware floors and coverings for indoor and outdoor use.
KTL is a Spanish manufacturer for wall and floor surfaces. The company works continuously to improve the quality of their products.
La Fabbrica is a firm specializing in the production and sales of high-quality pavements and ceramic floor coverings. We have transformed our search for quality into our corporate philosophy, making it a value that has always accompanied us in our products. Our ongoing drive for improvement has allowed us to create cutting-edge collections with regards to design and technology, capable of satisfying the technical requirements of architects and interior designers as well as the tastes of the end consumers. Long-range perspective and dedication are part of the La Fabbrica corporate mission day by day growth while establishing its renown on both Italian and International markets.
Evolve is what we have been doing in La Platera since 1959. Learning and progressing every day to bring you the latest trends in decorative tile with great technical quality. The beauty and versatility of our wide selection of products enables us to clad your surroundings with unique combinations full of strength and personality.
One of the most dynamic and productive brands of the Modena ceramics district, Lea Ceramiche has national and international coverage, with presence in more than 80 countries in 5 continents. Lea Ceramiche is part of Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.a., a leading international ceramics group quoted in the Star segment of the Italian stock exchange. Over the years, Lea Ceramiche has become one of the most prestigious businesses on the world ceramics scene. This has been possible thanks to large and constant investments aimed at creating successful collections with a strong personality based on careful research into style, appearance and performance.
At Living, we are guided by the desire of creating versatile ceramic solutions for interior design and architecture. Claddings are the skin of our homes and we believe that it is necessary to take care and pay attention to them. We feel a true passion for good design, which is why we manufacture all our products in Italy and Spain, referential countries in ceramic design. We are committed to a material such as ceramics that makes it easier to obtain original and practical resources. Our ultimate objective is customer satisfaction, and we focus the professionalism and thoroughness of our work on this point. We strive in creating products that respond to today’s requirements, which are adapted to the users’ needs, and are in line with the new trends.
Love Tiles aims to bond people through affections by creating elegant, exclusive and unrepeatable atmospheres. Originally Novagres S.A., the company first started its activity with the production of glazed paving tiles in vitrified white body. Later, the company went on to produce monoporosa coatings in 1996. In 1998, the company placed an innovative product on the market that was characterised by large dimensions, smooth edges and design superiority. The company thus gained the leading position within the market of luxury items. In 2005, Novagres S.A. joined the Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.P.A. and was re-named Love Tiles in 2006.
The experience and the know-how with great professionals are brought together in Magna Art Spaces, to provide solutions to the needs of different and more demanding markets. The collection, Magna Art Space, brings together a product of great added value to the industry as it offers creativity and fashion to spaces. Mosaiker, the visual balance and feeling that arises from the composition and the union of the designs that make up this collection, is translated into absolute creativity and synonymous with harmony, perfection, energy, stability and perpetuity.
Mapisa is a company geared towards the service of its clients. It is situated in Castellon (Spain) and since its foundation in 1973 has dedicated itself to the fabrication and marketing of ceramic products. Integrated in the added value and a positive future projection at all levels: development of product, image, presentation, technology, quality and training. Mapisa is presently characterised by offering an elegant, modern and versatile product, adapted to different styles presently demanded by interior designers and decorating professionals.
Experience and innovation capability, creativity and design, tradition and culture, a passion for ceramics and environmental awareness are the fortes of Marazzi ceramics which have been defining living spaces since 1935. With over 5,500 products in porcelain stoneware, crystallised stoneware and single-fired, as well as mosaics, marble, granite and natural stones, Marazzi is able to respond promptly to the diverse needs relating to living spaces and contemporary architecture. Today, Marazzi ceramic tiles are used not only for the floors and walls of residential buildings, they are also increasingly chosen for use in public spaces and major architectural projects.
For over a century, the history of Marca Corona has followed the development of the ceramic industry and of the Italian porcelain tile manufacturers, using increasingly advanced techniques and aesthetic inspirations, with the aim of launching new trends in ceramic design. Each Marca Corona collection is the result of the perfect combination between the most advanced production techniques and the careful, constant research for the latest fashion and design trends. The products combine aesthetics refinement and technical performance, in order to meet not only all the needs of comfortable living but also all planning requirements.
An avant-garde attitude that gives us an open mind when it comes to the latest aesthetic trends, driving us to constantly update our ceramic tile collections. We firmly believe in quality and attention to detail as the way to forming alliances with the finesse professionals and ensuring that each project is absolutely unique. And that way, everything falls into place…
A company with a great heart, where passion and love for ceramics become an integral part of excellent teamwork. For MGM, living the home is not a luxury but an everyday pleasure affordable for everyone. Floors and walls, decorations ranges from classic - elegant to trendy and colourful designed to customise all the rooms in your life with imagination and creativity.
Over 120 million square meters of the tile laid around the world, from America to Europe and from Asia to Oceania: that’s a concrete guarantee of the rock-solid reliability of Mirage, a company that has helped shape the story of porcelain stoneware worldwide. Experience, along with major investments in research and technology have helped the company meet the demands of the design world and the construction sector with efficiency and flexibility, offering solutions that are ever more innovative and sophisticated, in terms of both reliability and design.
MML has been tiling the world since 1964. Well known for its high-end porcelain tiles, MML’s product quality and flexibility is evident in the spaces applied. With water absorption rate of less than or equal to 0.1%, MML’s tiles are distinctively reliable and sturdy. The company has also launched an eco-friendly collection in its commitment to conserve Earth’s natural resources. Over the years, MML has established itself as the company of reference in the tile industry.
Ceramiche Moma SpA was founded in 1973. Ceramiche Moma S.P.A produces more than 28.000 sqm. of wall tiles daily, together with the pertinent trim pieces and matching floor tiles. “Made In Italy” is not just a warranty of quality, but it also means innovation, creativity and elegance.
Situated in Valencia, Monopole Ceramica is a young company working in the best traditions of Spanish tile manufacturers. Offering a versatile and complete collection, the company is confident of its unique, original and inviting tile selection. Lightness and weightlessness, grace and charm, energy and colours, inspiration and flight of fancy – all is Monopole ceramic tiles, as if it were energizing and giving a feeling of harmony, reviving your spirts and making you think about existence.

Be different, be Monopole.
Dynamism, enthusiasm, service, quality and closeness are the pillars that support the value of this brand with a vocation for growth from its origin. We are located at Onda (Castellon), within the tile cluster where 90% of Spain’s ceramic tiles are produced. Design, quality and consumer trends come together when we create our products. Mykonos’ products comply with all the specifications established by international regulations, specifically with the parameters established by ISO 10545. In our desire to go beyond compliance with product specifications, our production process is planned, executed and controlled in accordance with the requirements established by the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9000.
Nadis Design was born after a movement of introspection, to find the essence of what really matters. We have discarded the superfluous, to offer a ceramic material of maximum quality and improved performance.
Natucer is a Spanish factory and produces totally glazed extruded tiles. This revolutionary process allows Natucer to offer its clients a huge range of special pieces impossible to obtain with the old pressing techniques, for instance glazed steptiles in one piece, bullnose, etc. Furthermore, all of our extruded floor tiles present high-tech features, frost resistance and some of them anti-slippery surfaces suitable for external use.

Since its foundation, Natucer has smartly blended the modern style with the unmistakable character of the Spanish traditional ceramic. Natucer allows you to offer your clients very different and exclusive high-tech products.
Navarti looks towards the horizon with a vision in line with the new economic, social, and security standards and values. Therefore, our current course follows a path of regeneration, redesign, and improved cooperation in order to study the true needs and values of our customers, suppliers, employees, and partners. This will enable us to more attentive and professional, and ultimately a better company. Our principles are founded on transparency, close relationships, confidence, effort and responsibility in order to bring the best solutions. With this foundation, Navarti will evolve and grow.
Negev, named after Israel’s southern desert, combines high technology production processes with top-grade materials and a sophisticated design sense to produce exquisite and resilient flooring and finishing products. Negev features a design studio dedicated to developing and supporting a diversity of patterns and palettes, faces and shades. Negev Group is spearheading new Israeli standards in the production and marketing of products and advanced solutions for home construction and renovation, and invests considerable resources in developing and implementing its philosophy of protecting the quality of environment. Negev’s modern factory is dedicated to eco-friendly processes, recycling 100% of raw materials.
Newker Ceramics was created with a clear vocation for customer service. We are a young, dynamic company with the capacity to adapt to our customers’ needs. In our catalogue, you will find the latest design trends adapted to each type of market, the most cutting-edge technology in the sector, and the maximum quality in our ceramic products.Thanks to our lengthy experience in the ceramic tile sector, we are able to offer a wide range of formats, materials, finishes and colours, so that you can find the exact product you need.
Nexion is a joint venture company created by Ceramiche Speranza, a best-in-class Italian firm founded in 1961, and Simpolo, since 1977, one of the leading Indian producers of ceramics and sanitary ware. With mastery of technology and design, we turn the best of the Italian tradition and designers around the world. Open-minded and keen to learn from customers and partners, we are committed to deliver the best quality and service and we believe that our work ends when our clients fulfill their desires and achieve their goals.
Ninety Plues is a professional manufacturer producing high-quality ceramic tiles. The company is committed to producing quality products with innovative designs. With a passionate team and a dynamic distribution network, Ninety Plus will continue to supply multiple product choices by anticipating and delivering inspiring solutions to satisfy the most demanding needs of the evolving market.
The Novabell brand is inextricably intertwined with the name of the Bellei family. Its founder – Silvio Bellei – first became a prominent figure on the Italian ceramic scene in the ‘50s and was involved in the development of some of the most influential companies in the sector. In 1988, Silvio Bellei founded Novabell, ploughing into it all his experience, know-how and values. In his 60 years in the business Bellei demonstrated how it is possible to combine exceptional entrepreneurial expertise with profound human values, as is reflected by the extraordinary affection that his employees, whom he regarded as his extended family, held for him.
Nuovocorso designs and manufactures extruded porcelain tiles for creating ventilated walls and floors. In addition, it combines the production of ventilated walls and state-of-the-art photovoltaic technology. By looking at the past while also having a clear vision of the lifestyle that will characterise the future, a company that makes use of state-of-the-art technology is born. Our company cares for the environment and focuses on combining energy saving and design, technology and aesthetics, shape and material.
Opera Group plays a key role for all consumers of ceramic tiles in the world who are looking for quality products and reliable service. The company is now reaching a daily production capacity of 50,000 square meters, which totals 17 million square meters per year. The range of products is enriched by new formats, from the single fired red body to the porcelain stone production, and the high profile technical double fired wall tiles. These features, together with the constant investments in new technology, enable Opera to gain an unquestionable place in the market, market, offering its products with highly competitive prices on five continents.
Established in 1999, Overland Ceramics is a company that integrates design, research and development, manufacturing and marketing. The company is committed to providing consumers with stylish and premium ceramic and porcelain surfaces. Advanced manufacturing technology and independent research and development capabilities allows Overland Ceramics to obtain a remarkable 29 international patents and 72 domestic patents. With quality in product and design, Overland Ceramics can be found in more than 120 countries around the world.
Padua is always at the forefront of the latest technology in tiles production. With its highly integrated R&D expertise pool firmly rooted in both the Italian city of Modena and the Chinese city of Foshan - Padua’s collective expertise has fostered a strong & uber dynamic creative culture, unmatched by its rival. Together with advanced ink-jet printing technology, creative customization, and comprehensive marketing collaterals - one can expect nothing but only the best from Padua’s product range.
Founded in 1972, Pamesa started out by manufacturing ceramic floor tiles, using tunnel kilns to fire them. With technology advancement, the company soon began to make single-fired ceramic wall tiles. The company is also active in its greening efforts, which can be seen in its development of two cogeneration systems which are able to generate electricity and re-use gases. Over the years, the Pamesa Group has expanded such that its premises cover a total surface area of 180,000 square meters with an estimated annual turnover of 226,000,000 euros. It has a global production capacity of over 31,500,000 square meters a year.
With a net turnover, as at December 31st, 2013, of 273 million Euro, Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A. (hereinafter referred to as Panariagroup), based in the so-called "ceramic district" between Modena and Reggio Emilia, runs a Group that has been manufacturing and selling ceramic wall and floor tiles for 30 years, in particular in the top level and luxury sector of the market. With about 1800 employees and 6 production facilities (3 in Italy, 2 in Portugal and 1 in the United States), Panariagroup ranks itself amongst the leading national and international manufacturers of ceramic tiles.
Pastorelli, founded in 1967, today boasts an experience of over 40 years in the construction of floor and wall tiles. Pastorelli was one of the first companies to produce gres porcelain in the 90s, becoming a reference in the field for creativity and product innovation. The expertise of human resources, gained during this long period, combined with the potential of modern technology, recently introduced, have enabled the achievement of high standards of quality and aesthetic. Belonging to a major industrial group, has finally allowed the trademark Pastorelli confidence to deal with the global market. The challenge continues today with ambitious goals.
Paul & Co. Ceramiche is a young brand known and appreciated for the enthusiasm, competence and professionalism of its team and for the elegance, design and quality of its products, all entirely “Made in Italy”. The design potential is definitely one of the strengths of Paul & Co. ceramic lines. Each series is carefully studied considering the latest trends and fully combining coordinated decorations, mosaics, strips, trims and floor tiles to choose the best solutions for every style and living need. Searching for the latest trend and making it accessible to everybody is definitely the added value by Paul & Co. Ceramiche. Paul & Co. Ceramiche: a young brand with thirty years of experience that aims to serve everybody with a passion with beautiful, well manufactured items.
The continuous evolution that characterizes it and which turns it into an undeniable group of success is due to the important investments that are being made, especially in the area of the manufacturing process.
Pavigres group engages the most modern technology used in this sector, in order to get a final product that is distinguished by quality internationally recognized.
Peronda has manufactured wall and floor tiles since 1827 with a view to offering consumers a superior selection of products. Thanks to this long history in the Spanish tile sector, the company has grown and evolved and it currently has customers in over 100 countries. Due to its extensive experience and a learning curve in which its takes pride, Peronda has forged a reputation for its quality and dedication.
Since establishment, Porcela’BoBo has been investing in research and development of thin tiles. The 4.8mm thin tile is now the company’s trademark and is exported to 44 countries. The development of eco-friendly thin tiles is set to change how the industry interacts with porcelain surfaces.
Porcelaingres is a young company, and since 2003 we have been producing slabs in very high quality porcelain stoneware, in one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in Europe. We chose to establish our headquarters in Vetschau, Germany, where we have a cutting edge production plant guided by the principles of sustainability. Our company has a showroom in Berlin as well, at the Sarotti Hofe complex in the heart of Kreuzberg, an inspired and vibrant mix of workshops and offices, where various partners in architecture, business and art give life to an enduringly cutting edge creative process.
Porcelanosa Grupo is a major reference on the Spanish and international markets. Operating in accordance with firm values of innovation and quality, Porcelanosa’s success is recognized around the world. With more than 35 years of experience, Porcelanosa Grupo is present in almost 100 countries worldwide, an achievement that is attributable to its unique business model, which forms the foundation for its strong dynamic corporate strategy. Today, the Group’s eight companies offer a wide product range that includes kitchen and bathroom equipment as well as state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture.
Since the 1970s, we are passionate about providing unique, admirable and welcoming environments with ceramic coatings that evoke unique sensations. Today, we have grown and reached a prominent position in the Brazilian and world market. We develop our products based on global trends research and high investments in technology, remaining committed to design and authenticity.
Since Portobello was founded in 1979 in Brazil, the company has linked itself with the idea of technological innovation - the element differentiating Portobello from other national companies and fundamental for international competitiveness. Initial production was for the internal market. Combined with the discovery of new raw materials, research pointed to a new segment: ceramic flooring that is capable of supporting heavy loads, easy to clean and attractive. Portobello developed the first line of drip glaze flooring for high traffic in Brazil and one of the first in the world. Since then the company has grown rapidly, solidly and in a planned way.
Prissmacer is the place where magic is born. Equipped with the latest technology, Prissmacer is the space which allows new catalogs that are full of novelties to arrive. With more than 10 years of experience, we design and produce ceramics with formats adaptable to infinite possibilities.
Qualicer is an internationally recognised ceramic manufacturer. Equipped world-class production equipment, the company covers an area of 300 acres, with an annual production size of about 10 million square meters.
Quintessenza Ceramiche offers a vast range of small format ceramic products. Surfaces that are the result of careful design, developed through a combination of minimalism and decoration, traditional and contemporary design, creative flair and geometrical precision.
The design concept for each collection is born in Italy, in the Sassuolo ceramics district and its deeply rooted tile culture. Each project is perfected down to the tiniest detail, as it is through details that we express our curious and receptive sensitivity. Our constant creative research is influenced by formal and material alchemies that never tire of exciting us. Combining shapes and colours, textures and surfaces, materials and patterns is what we do every day. We use ceramics to stimulate emotions.
Realonda\'s history can be traced back to 80 years ago. Known as \"El Tercio\" then, the factory\'s first phase began in 1920 and continued until 1936. The second phase started in 1952 with its present name Realonda, S.A. During this period, the factory has adapted to technological advances in order to offer its customers products of the the best quality. Coupled with a conscientious service, Realonda wishes to acknowledge its commitment to the requirements of all customers, through the products within.
Ricchetti Group is an industrial holding company active in the manufacture and sale of superficies for all requirements in architecture field, interior design and building products through floor products and wall tiles for indoor and outdoor. Today the industrial development plan is linked to a brands specialisation process whose strategic aim is the development of complete and competitive products. Ricchetti Group makes use of the latest technologies respecting the best Italian ceramic tradition. Eco-sustainability, design and technology are the founding features of the brands, in a polyhedric nature of offers and living solutions.
The whole history of the company is marked by its direct orientation to its customers. The cordial, direct and sincere relationship between Rocersa and its customers is the fundamental value that has made us continue with the same energy for so long. And more today, where the Rocersa Group operates in a global environment, and for that reason, complex. To overcome these challenges, we base our work on innovation, technology, product quality, respect for the environment and sustainability. This would not be possible if all the business areas and all employees of the Group did not refer to the same principle: people.
Romantic Ceramic specialises in producing quality glazed tiles, rustic tiles, porcelain tiles and swimming pool tiles. The company’s mission is that of “Producing Competitive Products, Promoting Unique Products”. In its 16 years of development, Romantic Ceramic has achieved various international accreditations for its range of products.
Headquartered in the ceramic district of Sassuolo, Saime represents one of the most important groups in the ceramics industry. The company produces porcelain stoneware with mass colouring, glazed gres porcelain, ceramic stoneware dry pressed and glazed, single-fired and double-fired tiles. One of the most important strategies that the company has adopted is to understand and satisfy customer’s needs. Research is thus a never-ending process, aimed at offering higher qualitative and technological standards according to current design, colours and material trends.
Established in 1976, Savoia Italia is today one of the most lively brands in the Modena Ceramic District and boasts an international presence with collections exported all over the world. Thanks to massive and constant investments and a solid background of experience and expertise, Savoia Italia designs tiles for any type of environment and can meet the various market demands. Savoia Italia is able to offer highly personalized solutions through a catalog of over 100 collections to meet any architectural requirement: flooring and covering with a wide choice of colors, sizes, finishes, decorations and special pieces, with great quality aesthetics and high mechanical and technical performance that allow it to be used even in the most demanding and high traffic intensity contexts.
Self Style takes its origin from the desire to create ideas and styles in order to give people the possibility to reflect their own personality and spaces they live in. Self Style’s products can be re-created in terms of style by one’s own taste and personality. “Your Style, Self Made” wants to encourage one to take part in the realisation of one’s project, recognising themselves in our themes of Country, British, Essential or Cosmopolitan.
The Serenissima Cir Industrie Ceramiche Group is a company that specialises in the production of ceramic tiles, offering surfaces suitable for all architectural needs from interior design to general solutions for contemporary building. As of 2013, the Group has 577 employees with a consolidated turnover of 111 million Euros and a production of 7.9 million sqm. Serenissima Cir sells over 7.5 million sqm of products to around 6,000 customers located in 91 countries of the world, divided by market area: 30% of sales are carried out in Italy, 39% in the EU and 31% outside the EU.
Sintesi has been the beating heart of Gruppo Ceramiche Gresmalt since 1998. The top quality and high fashion brand of one of the most prolific factories in the Italian Ceramic District of Sassuolo, Sintesi insists on devoting the utmost attention to detail in a range of ceramic tiles, offering a vast selection of collections in all sizes and colours to match contemporary tastes.

From the surface colours to the original patterns, with ceramic interpretation of classic and natural architectural materials, Sintesi offers the full potential of innovative digital technology, for an exceptional interpretation of the very latest design trends.
Our philosophy is to work with enthusiasm, determination and energy, studying and developing innovative products characterised by an unmistakable identity and supported by a first class research. Selection of raw materials and an almost obsessive attention to detail are our starting points and strong points. In summary, we have a pragmatic and highly creative business vision based on the experience and know-how of our entire staff – a staff that comes to work every day with passion, enthusiasm and firm belief.
Stile Italia is a newly established company that was born from an idea by an Italian manager together with the ceramic group, Ceramiche Colli, which is synonymous with design and quality, since 1968.

A synergy of professional skills and outstanding experiences. Our mission is to overcome the limits of the ceramic material and create a high-quality product. Our decorations are “tailor made” and unique, made with innovative technologies.
At STN Ceramica, we have renewed out production processes in recent years. We have made gradual but constant investments, reaching a high point with the introduction of the digital printing technology Styljet in September 2010, which is currently used on all STN Ceramica production lines. As a result, STN Ceramica has obtained a top quality product, which is recognised over the world for its design and competitiveness. STN Ceramica is currently one of the most modern factories in the world and has one of the highest production capacities in Spain.
Since 1884, Stroher Group creates clinker brick slips with state-of-the-art clinker quality. Our clinker ceramics are cut from a single pliable, malleable line of clay and fired in an environmentally-friendly manner using high-technology ovens. Each unfired mixture contains particles that develop individually during the firing process. We utilise these reactions to develop unique surface characteristics. As an extrusion specialist, we use a wide range of different firing and manufacturing technologies, sometimes combining them. These techniques position us as a pioneer in the industry.
Tagina Ceramiche d’Arte was founded in 1973 and was named after the ancient name of its Umbrian hometown, Gualdo Tadino. The company represents one of the biggest regional realities and exports over the 70% of its own production of ceramic floor and wall tiles, being a worldwide testimony of quality. Located from a logistical and cultural point of view outside the “Emilian ceramic district”, Tagina stands out due to its ability to combine the most modern techniques of industrial production of ceramic floor and wall tiles with the heritage of ceramic tradition and artisan culture.
Tau Ceramica is the brand that represents a great industrial project on coating and flooring ceramics. A company conceived to be integral and versatile thanks to the technology of its factories. The objective is to obtain ceramic products that are technically competitive in keeping with nowadays industry. The remarkable Tau’s ceramic asset includes i) Tau Macro, the way to a large ceramic, an esthetical big change, ii) Tau fine, a ceramic concept that involves subtle fineness and great resistance, and iii) Tau eco tile, a product supported by the recycling process and the environmental sustainability values.
We started it all in April 2008 with a simple, clear idea: we wanted to create something of our own, something new and unusual, built on concepts and ideas able to generate a rupture with the past. We did it.

By creating a motivated team of young, enthusiastic and ambitious people. By having a specific communicative identity. By studying products designed specifically upon the Northern European market. By offering services and products whose quality pursuits perfection. By realising an easy structure with correct prices on the market. By cooperating with few, valid manufacturing partners. By working more than the others, always.

Nothing new: back to basics. The humbleness of simple concepts alongside of great professionals: this is Terratinta Ceramiche, this is what we believe in.
Based in Guangdong, China, Tianbi Ceramics is a company that specialises in the production of ceramic building materials since 2003. With a strong research and development department, the product quality and aesthetics are able to stay at the forefront of the industry. While serving the local market, the company also have a strong presence internationally.
Founded in 1969 in Vila-real (Castellon), Todagres S.A. is a company that is specialised in the manufacture, distribution and sale of Technical Porcelain Tile. Todagres S.A., has been able to develop and innovative company since its inception, as a pioneer in new products and production techniques, making a great qualitative leap in 1988 when as a result of incessant work, a new product was created: the Todagres Porcelain Tile, currently on of the best considered Porcelain Tile brands, and surely the one that best expresses the spirit of work, research and business innovation.
Tonalite’s products have been designed to be a medium by which creativity can come to life. The Tonalite products have been conceived with in mind a wide range of colours and with a complementary and versatile variety of shapes and special trims. This enhances Tonalite’s design-oriented culture in which matter is seen as a mean to reinvent space. Ceramic is the element that allows the designer to overcome the limits of a concept, creating an original project.
As the years have gone by, the experience we have amassed, along with the sensitive approach that is typical of people who work with a natural product, has taken us down a virtuous path and become central in any decisions we make and how we operate.

Today, the industrialisation of processes, the advent of computers, and a management style open to change and to ongoing developments in taste and style, have transformed “Tuscania”, as it is affectionately known on the market, turning it into a company at the cutting edge; a business that is independent and free to take ambitious, winning decisions.
The aim of the new brand Unica: Supreme Surfaces is to offer a wide choice of decorative options currently unavailable on the market and perfect for any indoor or outdoor setting. Unica brings together the best in design and a contemporary mood in a unique style that interprets the classic tradition with a contemporary twist.
unicomstarker has been recognized for years for the outstanding quality of its products. The philosophy of the group, unicomstarker srl, is based on a dynamic business strategy combined with cutting edge technological research and a sure sense of beauty and style. A successful synergy that has appointed unicomstarker internationally as a trendsetter in the market of ceramic tiles. The company’s constant attention to the latest trends in interior design and the excellent technical performance makes its products suitable any architecture.
Valleunga & Co. is the Italian business unit of Victoria PLC, one of the world’s leading flooring groups and active in the ceramic sector with plants in Great Britain, Europe and Australia. An important development that enhances the brand’s identity with the aim of continuously improving the aesthetic and technological quality of all its collections.
- Founded in 1987 in L’Alcora, international ceramic reference.
- Manufacture and commercialization of wall and floor tiles.
- Wide range of ceramic solutions with a perfect balance between design and quality.
- Wide commercial network and availability of stocks.
Venus Ceramics is a company located in Nules, Castellon. Has practiced since 1988, focusing on the development and marketing of ceramic products with high added value and innovative design component. We have been developing different ceramic models to meet the desires, tastes and needs of people. Creating alternative formats, designs, textures, styles, colors and finishes, using materials of the highest technical quality, offering appropriate solutions, continually researching to develop a product adapted to the latest market trends. All this is possible because Venus Ceramica is made by a professional, committed and enthusiastic team.
VERDE 1999
In today’s international market, Verde 1999 is a common name, known for being creators of solid quality, innovative, and highly styled ceramic tile design. Our mission is to supply top quality and fashionable products competently and altruistically in every step of the sale. Verde 1999 products reflect, on one hand, the never ending research and development in style, colour and technology, and on the other hand, quality, which is a top priority. Today, Verde 1999, with is widely spread sales network, is a player in the industry in seven continents.
View Ceramiche is an Italian tile manufacturer committed to bringing quality products to consumers all over the world.
Established in 2006, Viewgres aims to bring quality and creative products to the industry. With advanced technology and strong management skills, the company has since expanded to America, Sweden, Holland, India, Hong Kong and Italy. In 2009, Viewgres introduced 2cm thick porcelain stoneware. This was greatly welcomed internationally, allowing the brand to gain strong foothold in the industry. Viewgres also looks into re-using materials to minimise wastage in its effort in environment conservation.
Vitacer is a new brand name specializing in the manufacture and sale of ceramic wall and floor tiles. It was created with a view to developing a solid ever-increasing range of cutting-edge products, while also guaranteeing unbeatable quality and service. To achieve this goal, strong investment was made into technology in search of new ingenious, more productive work processes. A foothold was also gained in various markets worldwide. At its Vila-real head office in Castellón, Vitacer manufactures and distributes different types of porcelain tiles and white-body wall tiles in varying formats and finishes. Thanks to its top-quality service and wide choice of products, the brand name is all set to forge a leading reputation in the world ceramic tile sector.
Vives Azulejos y Gres is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of ceramic products for floor, wall, porcelain and special pieces. With a constant concern for progress and an effort in satisfying the most demanding needs of the market, Vives creates high quality ceramic products with a trendy design. Thanks to this constant effort, Vives becomes an innovative company that is constantly adapting to new technologies, armed with the most advanced production systems. Vives represents all in ceramics with great efforts in research and development. Vives is also committed to environmental policies through EcoVives, all backed up by more than fifty years of experience.
WorkShop Faenza is a manufacturing company that produces unglazed technical porcelain stoneware slabs for floors, wall coverings, façade and countertops. The slabs are manufactured with state of the art technology, operated by a company with more than 10 years of experience.
Agglotech is the largest producer of terrazzo in Europe. Our mission is to promote and spread the use of terrazzo as a versatile, natural cladding material with excellent technical characteristics.
We continually invest in innovation where plant and equipment are concerned, because we believe that improving our products and developing new ones is essential in order to maintain their quality at constantly high levels.
Synonymous with excellence and exclusivity in the natural stone sector for sixty years, Antolini processes and markets natural stones, bringing out their innate beauty through a skillful combination of master craftsmanship and technological innovation.

Based on processing expertise accrued as far back as 1920, the company, founded in 1956, developed advanced engineering techniques over the years that are able to reveal the stone in all its natural splendor, placing it at the service of the most creative minds and lovers of beauty.
CraftStone® International Pte Ltd was established to pursue in the manufacturing and development of quality artificial stone veneer. Integrating 40 years of experience and technology from leading USA’s manufacturers, CraftStone® International absorbs the natural essence and distinct stone making techniques to create our own unique range of products under the trademark CraftStone®.
Kalingastone, by the Classic Marble Company, is a concoction of colours, designs, patterns and style. Drawing its inspiration from nature, each block, slab and tile form of Kalingastone takes it attributes of colours, designs and patterns from natural stones found in quarries around the globe. Designed in Italy, and processed in India at state-of-the-art production plants with cutting-edge production and processing technologies, Kalingastone is an environmentally friendly composite stone fit for the connoisseur.
Extraordinary creativity and experimentation in the field of marble processing and magnification of Made in Italy. Kreoo realizes furniture items with high design level for bathroom, living and garden, both for contract and home.

In 2010 thanks to the 50-year-long experience by Decormarmi, Kreoo creates an unexplored dimension of the marble item managing in exalting its sensual and secret soul. Marble is combined with wood, Murano glass, and metals. | Kreoo ventures in new thicknesses, waves and shapes | it experiments new materials | looks for new functionalities.
Research and development, exclusive technology and know-how, quality and design, contemporary appeal combined with a traditional feel, superior and unsurpassed performance: these are the cornerstones on which Lapitec S.p.A has built, not only its “mission”, but also the first production site in the world which produces Lapitec® .

The technical and technological partnership with Breton S.p.A. has allowed us to create a ceramic based product with unsurpassed technical properties and design appeal.

Lapitec® : the product the world of architecture was looking for.
Marmi Scala SRL was established in 1963 in Verona as a company supplying natural stones. In the 70s, the production of composite stones has became the main activity of the company till now.

Modern technology, qualified human resources and the continuous research focused on the improvement of quality of their products, make the services of Marmi Scala the optimal partner to satisfy the modern architecture's and designer's needs.
Petra Antiqua was founded in 1995 as a small handicraft company working in the antiqued marble sector. The continuous improvement of product quality levels combined with constant creative research and presence at the most important events in the sector have enabled our company to be ranked among the leaders in the antiqued marble sector.

The company’s recent history is distinguished by the introduction of new and elegant artistic product ranges, the creations of skilled master craftsmen who transform stone into precious and refined elements of décor that grant class and unmistakable style to every room or area.
Since 1946, Salvatori has worked closely with architects, designers and builders to provide not only practical support, but also inspiring new ways to work with stone which often challenge traditional thinking. This approach, combined with an innate solution-finding mentality and an eye for finesse and aesthetics, has led to the Salvatori name becoming synonymous with innovation, design and excellence the world over.
Working with clients that count among them Armani, Bergdorf Goodman, Louis Vuitton and Boston Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on providing much more than mere product. We work alongside our partners right from the beginning of a project, with advice on the stone itself, design, installation and care, covering both practical and aesthetic aspects.
Based in Verona, Santa Margherita was founded in the mid-20th century. Built on its constant research and innovation, long standing experience and focused development of the national and international markets, the company is the world leading company for agglomerate stone. Occupying an area of 100,000 square meters with specialised lines for marble agglomerates and quartz agglomerates, Santa Margherita differentiates themselves from their competitors in their drive to maintain this double soul, responding to the needs of large public constructions, private homes, small surfaces and contract supplies.
Established in 2002, Smartstone has built a solid reputation for quality, sustainability and value. Today Smartstone Australia is one of the leading distributors of engineered quartz surfaces in the country.

Smartstone is the surface specified by architects, interior designers and retail kitchen designers. It is the choice of the many discerning individuals seeking the best in quality and style. Smartstone has also been used in numerous projects by many of Australia’s leading builders and developers.

When it comes to choosing interior surfaces there really is no smarter choice than Smartstone.
BerryAlloc is the international player in laminates, parquet, and click vinyl. The company is also the leading creator of interior design and home decoration for residential and commercial projects. Driven by the passion for quality, innovation and service, Berry Alloc is committed to improving the quality of life in a greener and more sustainable world. Berry Alloc is further united by the following common working values of delighting customers, striving for excellence, focusing on people and creating added value and acting with integrity.
Endurai is the leading brand for premium, durable and renewable outdoor timber products. Sourced from 100% renewable plantation forests in New Zealand, Endurai’s wood products are authorized by the Forest Stewardship Council and National Wood Flooring Association. Environmentally friendly and green, Endurai is committed to provide quality products in a sustainable method. Designed to enhance the outdoor living experience, Endurai endures, providing years of service to the spaces applied.
Over 35 years ago we invented the laminate floor and we have been creating innovative flooring ever since. We are constantly developing beautiful, easy-to-install floors with superior surface wear and scratch protection. That might be why we're considered the most preferred consumer brand. We take pride in producing unsurpassed products backed by superb warranties and unmatched customer service. Since 2013, the Pergo brand is owned by Mohawk Industries, Inc., the world’s largest flooring company with operations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Pergo products are produced by the flooring division of UNILIN bvba, based in Belgium.
An expert in solid hardwood, engineered timber, laminate and vinyl flooring, Wood Culture has been constructing spaces with these materials since establishment. As a believer in the sustainability of the environment, Wood Culture only source from well managed forests to provide clients with the respective eco-friendly products. Wood Culture is also armed with a complete system of products to cover every need for any wooden floor’s lifetime. Coupled with passion and experience, Wood Culture has the solution for every architectural need. Wood Culture delivers to developers, architects, designers and contractors.
Azzurra Sanitari in Ceramica was established in 1985 in Civita Castellana.

From the outset, Azzurra has proven itself to be a solid manufacturer, which is able to monitor the demands of a constantly changing market, responding with prompt and effective solutions for consumer needs. The current corporate structure, consisting of four families, dates back to 1991. In 2001, it was transformed into an S.p.a, with a share capital of 2 million Euro.

Today, the company comprises approximately 120 employees, with an area of around 30,000m2 and a production output of approximately 300,000 units per year, distributed within Italy and exported worldwide: from Europe to neighbouring non-EEC countries, from Russia, to Australia to America, to 35 countries over all continents.
Founded in 1873, Bravat is known in the industry as an innovative company which revitalises a characterless market with its bathroom solution. As a customer-oriented company, Bravat is committed to perfect workmanship and providing intelligent total solutions. Bravat design products according to lifestyle and bathroom culture to satisfy different desires. Representing the design style of delicacy, eternality and brevity, Bravat brings stylish design and quality products to the world.
Founded in 1960, the company Fima Carlo Frattini presents itself as a futuristic structure equipped with a system of high technology manufacturing for sanitary fittings. Quality is the common denominator of all business activities and the range of sanitary fittings offered expresses perfection and reliability. As the leading brand for faucets made in Italy, new challenges posed by the market are constantly addressed in order to offer a range of products that are superior in design and technologically advanced. Today, Fima Carlo Frattini can be found in 85 countries all over the world.
Since 1874 the Geberit Group has been the European market leader and global provider of sanitary technology. Geberit products are an example of highly acclaimed Swiss engineering skills, combining ergonomics and cutting-edge designs. The Geberit brand also received the Most Innovative Brand Award in 2011, the German Plus X Award’s highest distinction in the sanitary product group.
Founded in 1885, Geesa has been active in the field of bathroom accessories for over 125 years and is a market leader in the Netherlands in the professional segment (fitters and bathroom specialize shops) and authoritative in the export to 65 other countries. We have achieved this position by consistently targeting quality. Loving design, Geesa pays 100% attention to bathroom and lavatory details. Geesa is also involved and responsible in the environment in which we operate. Therefore, we try to minimize our carbon footprint throughout the world
Founded in 1999, ilife has been an outstanding bathroom solution provider for the world. With constant improvement and continuous innovation, ilife is able to produce products that represent style, modernity and flawless functionality. Being able to enjoy a life with water is one of ilife’s driving forces to constantly innovate. This dedication and persistence in achieving has thus distinct ilife from other competitors, contributing to the company’s worldwide success. ilife: for those who love life.
Since 1976, Justime is the leading brand for bathroom products. Lead by an ambitious and energetic management team, Justime produce products that are reliable and aesthetically pleasing. With designs inspired by the orient and western cultures, Justime creates innovative and fashionable elements for the bathroom. The dedication to good design has thus won the brand many awards on the regional and international stage. Today, Justime can be found in global markets such as Canada, Europe, Japan, Middle East and Asia.
The Kludi family business was founded in 1926. What started out as a small company in Menden, developed in to become a business with an international outlook. Today, Kludi GmbH & Co. KG can call a total of seven production sites, eleven sales subsidiaries and six sales offices on their own. Kludi has a broad base not just because of its different locations but variety of ranges that satisfies all requirements. With a wealth of good ideas and innovative products, Kludi has been one of the leading suppliers of bathroom and kitchen fittings and showers for years. Identifying trends early on and converting them into clever and better products is our philosophy. Kludi fittings combine fresh, young design with innovative technology.
An exclusive Italian collection, OXO is the leading brand for sanitary wares in the world. The range combines simple design with vanguard Italian style and functionalism. Working with a team of young designers whose creative ability mirrors the creative culture of the OXO brand, each product designed is a perfect innovation of modernization and vitality specially made for the bathroom. With the relevant experience, knowledge and creativity, OXO is dedicated to enhancing the bathroom experience.
Pablo originates from Britain. With its quality-oriented traditions, excellent workmanship, active technological innovation and eco-friendly design concepts, Pablo is able to lead the trend in the kitchenware industry. Aimed at perfecting the kitchen experience, Pablo takes into account aesthetics and ergonomics, with lines flowing seamlessly with the kitchen and work following function. Featuring reliable performance, great shock and abrasion resistance, ease of use and installation, Pablo is highly sought after by customers all over the world.
Star sanitary ware has been manufacturing high quality ceramic sanitary ware since 1991. Made to the highest international standards, Star’s products are distributed worldwide. Manufacturing equipment and production processes include the best German kilns and British technology with production capacity around 500,000 pieces of sanitary ware per year. Star is proud to be able to offer a wide choice of well-designed sanitary ware that is of consistently high quality to discerning consumers around the world.
Ceramics with superior aesthetic appeal for architecture; the guarantee of no constraints to creativity and no limits to functionality. Individual pieces and flexible modules enabling designers to create combinations, designs and layouts with great decorative finesse and architectural value. Layouts that illustrate the creativity of life and the inventive flair of their designers. Appiani has rediscovered the appeal of materials from the past like mosaics, offering colours, shapes and finishes to create surfaces using a variety of materials and blocks of multiple colours by combining shapes and dimensions of traditional ceramics.
Squamers is a manufacturer and global distributor of glass mosaics. Based in Onda, Castellón, the company specialises in swimming pools and has a clear mission: to bring designer pools to everyone.

To this end, it applies the most avant-garde designs and the latest production techniques to mosaics, with an aim to offering them to the market at affordable prices.
Tradition and art brought together for over 30 years in this major company, a leading manufacturer and distributor of glass mosaic tiles. Thanks to our expert hands, cutting-edge designs and innovation, VIDREPUR is able to provide collections that allow you to decorate spaces with added personality.

Since 1988, VIDREPUR has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of glass tiling. With its main production plant in Castellón and offices in the United States, Russia and Mexico. The company has over 4,000 distributors and a strong presence in the global market.
With over 80 years of experience, we believe quality bathrooms are a balance of form, function and looks. Our designs and innovation bring to life a guiding vision of creating sustainable-luxury. Design that enables you to enjoy bathroom experiences that both complement and elevate your lifestyle, from an energising morning start to an indulgent, relaxing moment of luxury, all underpinned by sustainability.
Carysil is a designer brand in the best sense of the term: instantly recognizable by striking innovative looks and styling, originality in design and its ability to delight the eye. Our design process is underpinned by an appreciation of technology, function and aesthetics. When you buy a sink from us, you’re not just getting a Carysil product: you’re benefiting from 30 years of manufacturing excellence and understanding of customer needs.