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Marazzi: The Top

June 5,2024

The Large Size for the creation of Tops, Backsplashes, Tables & more.

Integrating technological innovation, aesthetic sophistication, and innate versatility, The Top represents a selection of large-sized porcelain slabs by Marazzi specially designed for the creation of tops, backsplashes, tables and infinite tailor-made furnishing options for residential and commercial locations.

Renowned for their exceptional durability, easy installation, and effortless maintenance, Marazzi's The Top slabs boast ultra-resistance to stains, acids, moulds, and fire, ensuring maximum hygiene and safety. These slabs, measuring 12 mm in thickness, offer not only exquisite new material looks, enhanced by the innovative 3D Ink technology but also antibacterial properties. Manufactured in a dedicated factory, The Top slabs guarantee unrivalled workability, presenting surfaces of extreme refinement in matte, satin, or glossy finishes.


Satin: The depth and natural appeal of marble and stone-look porcelain surfaces are

underlined by the Satin finish, offering a realistic product with very little shine and a wonderfully soft texture.

Lux: Expressing the full elegance of exquisite surface patterning. The Lux finish is achieved by mechanical brushing of the surface, which then reflects the light while maintaining the uniformity of its patterning and revealing the distinctive features of marble-look porcelain stoneware.

Naturale/ Matt: The matt, tactile surface gives the product an opaque yet detail-rich look. The Naturale finish of The Top slabs combines technology with an unrivalled aesthetic, delivering outstanding technical properties with anti-slip coefficient.

Metal: Industrial style and contemporary look. The Metal surface evokes the effect of metal with the subtle iridescence typical of the inspiration material; slightly reflective, it constantly changes its appearance with the angle of the light.

Antibacterial Technology

Puro, the new antibacterial technology for Marazzi's The Top surfaces, is designed to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. It rapidly and effectively combats their proliferation, preventing the formation of stains and unpleasant odours. This antibacterial action, tested according to the strictest international standards, is guaranteed by an advanced and exclusive silver ion treatment. Incorporated into the material during production, this silver ion treatment ensures active and permanent protection on surfaces under any light condition, even in the absence of UV rays.

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