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The Surprising Qualities of Sintered Stone Revealed

July 1,2022

Lapitec® is a revolutionary material with unique qualities, as can be seen through its 25 registered patents. As the world’s only certified sintered stone, Lapitec ® is made from 100% natural and incredibly pure minerals, ideal for adding a touch of charm to any environment.

A full-bodied material, Lapitec® is identical on the inside and outside with no prints on the surface. Lapitec ®’s large format slab of 3365x1500mm allows it to be used for many interesting applications such as bathroom and kitchen countertops, flooring, façade, swimming pools and more.

In this video, Angelina, along with Janice (Product Manager of Hafary and Editor of Lookbox Living) shares more about Lapitec® and answer all key questions about the material.

Watch on to find out!