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Porcelain Slabs for Surfaces

January 3,2022

Porcelain slabs are increasingly popular for home renovation and decor. Also known as XL format porcelain tiles, porcelain slabs are suitable for multiple application for indoors and outdoors. To "qualify" as a porcelain slab, the length of each porcelain slab has to be 2400mm or longer! At Hafary, you can find porcelain slab that goes up to 3200x1600mm.

Measuring 6-12mm in thickness, porcelain slabs automatically become one of the easiest and most lightweight to work with as compared to natural materials.

These porcelain slabs are able to meet the architectural demands of today’s world, surpassing comfortably the technical and aesthetic requirements.

Learn more about the characteristics and benefits of large format porcelain slabs while journeying through the Hafary Gallery with Frank, Director of Hafary and Janice, Editor of Lookbox Living. Find out what these porcelain slabs can do and how they can be applied to your interior.

Benefits of Porcelain Slabs


With advanced digital printing technology, Porcelain Slabs are able to demonstrate hyper-realistic look in various design such as marble, stone, metal or cement.

While replicating the appearance of the natural material, modern digital printing is also able to correct or emphasize some of their aesthetic aspects. There is also the possibility and graphical freedom to have varied tones, colours, shades and effects. For example, on large marble effect slabs, the marble veining can be continuous to infinity, something which cannot be obtained with natural marble.

Onyx & More  

In the Porcelain Slab Collection Onyx&More by Florim, the harmonious equilibrium between elegance and creativity reveals itself in the original and extraordinary combination of two very different stones, onyx & porphyry, which brings refined, welcoming and intimate spaces into being.


Due to its large size, Porcelain Slabs are able to enhance spaces by providing visual respite from distracting grout lines. As a single slab itself covers a large area, less grout space is required in between, making it much easier to achieve continuity in design. Filling the remaining grouts with a colour tone similar to the slabs will result in an even more cohesive appearance.


As Porcelain Slabs are able to offer a wide variety of uses, they are also able to offer a large number of innovative ideas regarding design. Other than floors, porcelain slabs can also be used to clad walls, cabinetry, furniture and other surfaces to extend its style and durability.


Porcelain slabs are stain resistant, heat resistant and water resistant. For routine care, porcelain slabs can be cleaned easily with just a soft cloth and warm water.

Also, with lesser grout lines, there are fewer areas where dirt can accumulate. Grout is also prone to discoloration and deterioration over time. Large porcelain slabs thus provide faster and easier cleaning.

View our selection of porcelain slabs here.