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Why Florim Stone Countertops are Perfect For Homes

June 2,2022

FLORIM stone is a sintered surface made of high quality minerals and clays that is highly ideal for a long lasting and stable countertop. The material is a perfect synthesis of performance, functionality and space customisation.

In a large size of 160x320cm, the material is able to offer creative versatility and near seamless application. Furthermore, FLORIM stone is mat-mounted with fibreglass to respond effectively to accidental impact.

The wide array of realistic designs and textures allows for application creativity and flexibility. Be it vertical or horizontal architecture solutions, countertops or furnishings, vanities or facades, the style and design of any product can be finely customised without compromise. FLORIM stone can also be used for both indoor and outdoor environments as it is resistant to UV rays.

Learn more about the advantages of FLORIM stone with Janice, Editor of Lookbox Living and Angelina, Product Manager, in the video.