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The New Hafary Gallery: Retail Corridor

August 24,2021

Retail experience anywhere can often feel terribly transactional. At the Retail Corridor, retail is reimagined as a spectacle (as it should be!) – bringing to life not only what you need, but what you dream and desire.

Transform any display and space by mixing, matching, curating, and assembling tiles of different design, texture, sizes and colours by tile designers from all over the world. Tap into our often-hidden fun and playful shelves.

Listen to your subconscious and allow yourself to be transported to the immersive Retail Corridor.

Space & Materials

At the Retail Corridor for Policroma

Feature stool and floor: Porcelain Tile, Breccia by Cedit, Florim

The Policroma tile collection of large slabs features motifs inspired by two separate sources: on the one hand the exquisite, always surprising vein texture of some specific metamorphic rocks, and on the other the sophisticated colours of Marmorino plaster. In spite of their different natures, these two materials are embedded in the culture of Italian architecture.

A rounded arch is then used to offer suggestions for combining the two decors in the same covering, which becomes a marvellous inlaid area for use alongside other similar slabs to generate a rich web of figurative weaves and possible two-dimensional patterns, each with its own specific visual impact.

Designed by Cristina Celestino.

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At the Retail Corridor for Archeologie

Feature wall: Porcelain slab, Archeologie by Cedit, Florim

Works of art can be placed at the service of decoration, allowing the construction of true large pictorial “environments”. In the “Archeologie” tile collection, the porcelain stoneware surfaces take on the consistency of a new, extraordinary space in which the author transfers and deposits a few key traits from his personal artistic poetry, developing a range of modern coverings that have the appearance of a coloured surface destined to survive the tests of time and become a memory.

Designed by Franco Guerzoni.

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At the Retail Corridor for Rilievi

Feature Wall: Porcelain tile, Rilievi #3 Tortora by Cedit, Florim

The Rilievi collection by Zaven is the outcome of an elaborate design process starting from meticulous, highly successful work to combine two basic elements: a large ceramic slab and a three-dimensional "relief tile" placed on top of it. These two "ingredients" can be combined in different ways depending on their numerical multiplication, the layout of the slabs, the shapes built up by placing the relief tiles one after the other, and the combinations and juxtapositions amongst each item in the collection.

Rilievi is a work of design balanced between different historic periods: while the volumetric relief tile modules are inspired by artistic experiments conducted in Italy during the Sixties and Seventies, the large slabs are the outcome of research into materials and technology that has only come to fruition in very recent times. The shadow effects generated on the surfaces of the slabs by the light striking the projecting parts of the modules create an unusual impression of architectural depth found virtually nowhere else in ceramic coverings, laying the bases for a new decoration interior design language.

Designed by Zaven | Enrica Cavarzan & Marco Zavagno

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