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What are Shade and Veins Variation?

December 27,2016

While visiting the showroom, you may notice the remark "Shade and Vein Variations" on the material tag. However, what do they actually mean?

"Shade and Veins Variation" on the tag indicates that there are colour/shade and visual patterns that varies from tile to tile within the same collection. Due to advancement of technology, each tile within the same collection can look strikingly different from each other to simulate the look of natural materials.

Tile Collection: Bricklane. The shade of each piece of tile varies despite being in the same collection.

Most of Hafary's tile collections that are inspired by stone and wood carries this characteristic. As natural materials are unique (not one piece of natural material is exactly the same as the other), the facade of tiles aims to achieve this such that the overall floor/wall surface can look as realistic as possible.