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The Wonders of Antolini Natural Stone

May 5,2022

Antolini is the world leader in the natural stone production. Founded in 1956, Antolini offers a wide selection of materials known for their exotic colours, finishes and patterns. Today, Antolini continues to highlight and enhance the unique beauty of natural stone with a combination of craftsmanship and technological innovation.

Learn more about our selection of Antolini’s natural stone in this video as we journey through our showroom and warehouse. One will find marble, granite, quartzite and onyx in a spectrum of colours that are uncommon to find, as well as precious stones like amethyst and agate.

With Antolini’s exclusive and patented processes, natural stones that are fragile or difficult to work with are further reinforced for added strength and durability. This allows natural stones to be used in all areas; walls, floors, countertops and other customisations.

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