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Hafary Launches The New Hafary Gallery

August 19,2021

Hafary opens the door to the newly expanded Hafary Gallery. The first showroom in Singapore devoted entirely to the showcase of large format porcelain slabs, the new showroom spans up to 43,000sqft, demonstrating the ability of this revolutionary material to perform in full residential and commercial environments.

Designed and conceptualised by award winning architecture firm Park+ Associates, the new Hafary Gallery is designed to provide an immersive experience that encourages creativity and imagination. Visitors enter and go on a dream-like journey through a series of carefully curated experiential spaces with elements of fantasy and surrealism.

“Design is for everyone, we believe that the concept and the material offerings of this new showroom can inspire designers, architects and home owners to look beyond the traditional function of tiles and stones as mere surface coverings,” says Jackson Tay, Chief Operating Officer of Hafary. “Application of the porcelain slabs include but are not limited to: astonishing wall and floor surfaces, countertops, furniture and façade. In fact, the application possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.”

Spanning up to 3.2m in length, the large size of the porcelain slabs allows for a virtually seamless tiled space with bare minimal grout lines. Aesthetically, the large size enhances the environment by offering visual continuity, creating the illusion of a bigger space when installed.

The material also increases the scale and style of porcelain tile to be on par or even beyond that of natural marble (stone) slabs. This opens up a whole new world of application possibilities as one can enjoy the benefits of porcelain with design effects that rivals that of natural material - the elegance and sophistication of marble, the simplicity and strength of concrete, the dramatic effects of metal and the charm of stone.


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Embark on your fantastical journey at the new Hafary Gallery, 105 Eunos Avenue 3 Singapore 409836.