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Hafary App, Now with Price Info!

July 27,2021

Hafary is happy to deliver the latest version of the Hafary app with additional features, now available on App Store and Google Play Store.

What’s New

1. Product Price Information

We have updated all the products in the Hafary app with price information*! We hope that this will enable you to work and research on products more efficiently during this difficult time of Phase 2HA.

2. Brand New Filters

Additional filters for surface finish, slip rating and also price is now available as well. Find the most suitable product easily at the tip of your fingers.

*For price information on stone related products, kindly refer to your respective salesperson.


New Users

• Go to App Store or Google Play Store

• Search for Hafary

• Download and follow the setup guide

Existing Users

• Click on Update at App Store or Google Play Store