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Clean Toilets @ North West

January 20,2020

Clean Toilets @ North West is an initiative by the North West Community Development Council (CDC) to encourage better public toilet hygiene standards and improve toilet safety for the elderly.

A specially curated Clean Toilets @ North West Guide has been developed by the North West CDC, with the help of partners and their various expertise, to guide coffee shop owners and toilet operators in achieving specific outcomes in toilet design, maintenance and usage. The initiative signifies co-creation efforts between the North West CDC and 3P (people, private, public) partners, to make clean toilets a lasting reality in the North West District.

Hafary is proud to be able to contribute the tiles that are being used in the “model” public toilet.

To find out more about the programme, visit:

- Today Online

- Zaobao News

- 8 World

Information above adapted from the Community Development Council.