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The Art of Tile

#TheArtOfTile: Ceramic, Porcelain or Homogeneous Tiles?

May 25,2017

Hafary's social media video campaign, "The Art of Tile", features a 8-part video series of floor and wall coverings design/ ideas that could be options for building the perfect home. With the help of local singer, songwriter and first-time home owner, Tay Kewei, the videos convey relevant information for homeowners that are renovating but unsure of what to look out for when it comes to selecting surfacing materials.

The second episode of #TheArtofTile, "Ceramic, Porcelain or Homogeneous Tiles", addresses the most common query that homeowners have - what are homogeneous tiles? The episode also features information that helps to provide some basic ideas behind the concept of choosing and ordering tiles.

Our host, Kewei, puts all that she has learned into information that are bite-sized and easy to understand. Watch the second episode to find out about the golden tips that she has for you!

Watch "Ceramic, Porcelain or Homogeneous Tiles":

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