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'Canyon #3004
Canyon #3004
Maple flooring are impressive and distinct. Stylish and durable, they are able to complement any interior design. Be it traditional, modern or eclectic, find a look that is perfect with this series of engineered flooring layered with Maple wood.
Engineered Timber
Surface Treatment:
Brushed texture effect, White Oil
(L)1900 × (W)190 × (H)15/4 mm
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The Vamalenco tile collection is inspired by the Alpine valley in Sondrio province. The design of the tiles features streaks that run lengthwise and blend perfectly with the base colour. The textured surface is reminiscent of the “chisel” weaves of the original stone slabs, allowing the collection to be suitable for outdoor spaces, rustic and modern interiors.
Quartz Stone
Masses of compact rock, made of natural mineral substances shaped over time, accompany humans along their path. QUARTZ_STONE, the new Porcelaingres tile collection, represents the stone in its colour variations, placing strength and hardness alongside a clean and sober design. Walking, experiencing daily life on intense surfaces able to transmit positive sensations, delicate and harmonious textures that respond perfectly to the multiple requirements of contemporary architecture.

The stone as an unrivalled element of strength and tradition, indissoluble and resistant to time and history. Colours and surfaces that recall the tenacity of Nature, enriched by brilliant moments that give the new Porcelaingres collection a unique and distinctive sign of careful prestige. Rooms stand out due to the new sought-after elegance of the intense and exclusive strokes.
The stylish Monza tiles by MML create contemporary charm in cool shades of greys. Suitable for both classic and modern interiors.

The Monza tile collection is available in two surfaces - SG features a natural finish, while PG offers a satin finish.
Stone Plan
Stone Plan has a high-tech soul in porcelain stoneware, the most reliable material for the retail and residential construction sector. Durable and easy to clean, it provides beauty and practicality at the service of architecture.