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'WCV3011 Gracious Gray
WCV3011 Gracious Gray
With wider planks, the 3000 vinyl series creates the illusion of a wider space. With 10 remarkable hues to choose from, this series is able to suit any interior design requirement.
- micro beveled edge
- realistic wood visual and texture
- polyurethane resin
(L)1220 × (W)180 × (H)5 mm
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Portland 325
Portland 325 porcelain tile collection is named after the code for cement powder commonly used in the production of concrete. The entire collection has a fresh and modern textural feel inspired by the surfaces of the recent past.

The design of the surface is based on photographs and digital scans of plastered walls in a 1940s factory that has now fallen into disuse. The unique vitality of the manual plasterwork blends harmoniously with signs left by the passage of time.
Elegance by Fanal is a marble inspired porcelain tile collection that exudes luxury and charm. Available in large format of 75x75cm, the tile is perfect for that sophisticated and elegant interior.
Old Street
The Old Street tile collection is making great strides. With a rustic urban concept, very popular in interior design, the tile collection matches old and renewed masterfully. Old Street is the sum of longing for old walls and the innovative idea of using cement in decoration. Its pieces with a light relief, stylized and with serene shades will break off the monotony of walls. Its reliefs are an invitation to give a personal touch to your home. Large and material decors with a worn-out look are integrated with the shades of its bases. The hexagons break with the purity of walls and with colour linearity. It is a blending of graphics, which are leading in this collection and add distinction to your home. Old Street is seriousness and yearning, simplicity and style.
Stone Quartz
"The Northern Stone"

Stonequartz is porcelain stoneware inspired by quartzite, of which it recaptures the typical texture in three colours: off-white, luminous grey and warm beige.

This surface treatment combines the use of diamond discs and brushes. The result is a soft and elegant surface with waxy reflections. By means of a special procedure, patented by Cotto d’Este, the Stonequartz Patinata series undergoes, between pressing and decorating, a further honing treatment.​

This unique and recognisable surface has been faithfully created using molds from natural stones. Flash effect texturing can only be performed on certain types of stone (granite, for instance, that has a high content of quartz). It consists of singeing the surface of the stone with a flame jet and then plunging the stone into water to obtain immediate cooling. The abrupt temperature change makes the stone expand and the result is a typically rough texture.