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'WCV3011 Gracious Gray
WCV3011 Gracious Gray
With wider planks, the 3000 vinyl series creates the illusion of a wider space. With 10 remarkable hues to choose from, this series is able to suit any interior design requirement.
- micro beveled edge
- realistic wood visual and texture
- polyurethane resin
(L)1220 × (W)180 × (H)5 mm
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Reminiscent of natural wooden planks, the Silva porcelain tile collection by Argenta Ceramics offers a range of six beautiful tones for interior design. The cool tones are offered in Albar, Canus and Vetus whereas the warm tones are Aquilus, Auru and Ruber. All in all, the collection is highly flexible and suits most interior design themes.
Marmo Mix
With Marmo Mix, 14oraitaliana adds an element to its own research in the field of natural materials by developing a focus on possible variants of marble.

The rich tile collection consists of four items each of which is made up of a mix of different marble essences. The logic behind Marmo Mix is the varied combination of textures and shades. The range is formed of two mixes of grey (one light and one dark) and a mix of beige. The range is completed by a fourth mix that includes different types of marble and plays mainly with colour, including shades of red, green and pink. The vibrant surface with faint sparkle can be used for flooring and wall tiles and is available in size 9x90cm.
Rio Retro
The craftsmanship with metal molds, dyes and cement to make true works of art on tiles, known as hydraulic, born Rio Retro, a drawings and pastels patchwork. Leblon neighborhood, where the Rio daily has historical setting, the balance between memory and modernity emerged, making this line a current reinterpretation of the original material.
New Orleans
A wealth of culture, history, music, and jazz. Packed with traditions, magical atmospheres, and life. New Orleans depicts the Southern United States of America with great vibrancy and inspires the new collection from CIR, leaving its mark on the surfaces of fine glazed porcelain tile. See the New Orleans collection comes to life with its strong textural and colour quality.