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'WCV3011 Gracious Gray
WCV3011 Gracious Gray
With wider planks, the 3000 vinyl series creates the illusion of a wider space. With 13 remarkable hues to choose from, this series is able to suit any interior design requirement.
- micro beveled edge
- realistic wood visual and texture
- polyurethane resin
(L)1220 × (W)180 × (H)5 mm
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Keravette gives the facade a new unmistakeable and individual look. No wonder the word “facade“ has been adopted from the Italian word “faccia“ meaning “face”.

The material thickness of 11 mm means this classic among clinker brick slips is not only light but, thanks to the especially high firing temperature, it is also extremely robust.
It consists of few yet basic elements. Motifs that hint at a 3D effect; streaks that seem to become softer thawing into the surface to make it ‘move’ and provide texture. A little sign, a light groove where colours merge to get softer or more intense and space seems to shrink to then expand again. Natural parallelisms, perfect yet imperfect, that give a clue on the natural origin of the material that inspired the collection and the creative design and experimentation.
Percorsi Quartz
The concept of living indoors and outdoors is expressed through Percorsi Quartz, a porcelain tile series that harks back to the surface of natural quartzite. With a contemporary, discreet and elegant appeal, this porcelain tile allows free interpretation through the shades available. This series also fulfils all requirements in terms of resistance to wear, treading and of non-slip properties.
This porcelain stoneware series was created to handle and provide solutions for all types of outdoor flooring exposed to weather and thermal shocks. Its slip-resistant surface is suitable wherever prescribed. The Porfido series, with its many colors and structure, which is similar to the natural stone, can also become a decorative element and work in the context of modern urban style projects and renovations.