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'EVP3012V Dimgray Oak
EVP3012V Dimgray Oak
With realistic and natural wood effect grain, the Engineered Vinyl Plank collection provides beauty and stability for your surfacing needs.
- micro beveled edge
- realistic wood visual and texture
- polyurethane resin
(L)1217 × (W)178 × (H)5.5 mm
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Brown coloured tiles are ideal for creating classic looks and can evoke a more cosy and traditional feeling. Inspired by stone, 66M304 glazed porcelain tile is thus suitable for such spaces.
The Circle tile collection simulates the appearance of traditional mosaic. Thanks to its characteristic relief and innovative manufacturing techniques, the tile collection resembles a groutless feature when installed.
Signature tile collection is a tribute to marbles of rare beauty, quality that make them extremely sought-after: Rosso Levanto, named after the Ligurian city from which it originates and where, over the centuries, has been used to give life to many monuments and Irish Green, originally from Connemara, with whom were made jewels, sculptures and other prestigious artifacts found in ancient palaces, residences and important architectural complexes.
Thanks to its perfect mastery of craftsmanship and polishing techniques, Nexion has created captivating surfaces able to capture the chromatic perfection of these two materials: from blood red towards purple furrowed with thin white veins of Rosso Levanto, to the uneven green embellished with translucent white veins of Irish Green.
The result is a portfolio of an undisputed prestige enriched by the uniqueness of exotic marbles with contemporary design. A tile collection that brings the best contemporary Italian design in every type of space and environment.
It consists of few yet basic elements. Motifs that hint at a 3D effect; streaks that seem to become softer thawing into the surface to make it ‘move’ and provide texture. A little sign, a light groove where colours merge to get softer or more intense and space seems to shrink to then expand again. Natural parallelisms, perfect yet imperfect, that give a clue on the natural origin of the material that inspired the collection and the creative design and experimentation.