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'AS302 Finecraft
AS302 Finecraft
Ashwood is a beautiful, resilient wood flooring that can withstand the daily activities of a family and last for years. Lined with remarkable wood streaks, this series of engineered timber brings elegance to any interior while giving off a warm experience when walked on.
Engineered Timber
3 coats of natural oil finish
(L)650-1900 × (W)189 × (H)15/4 mm
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For Pave Wall 30.90 tile collection, Sichenia is inspired by the majestic marbles and refined limestones, creating a soft and precious texture with a tactile imprint. The light lingers on the curves of the vertical reliefs, adding movement to the entire wall. The Velvet finish of Pavè Wall 30.90 lends itself to multiple interpretations with an elegant and refined style, giving the spaces naturalness and depth.
Wega Tech
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The serenity of volcanic rock, the elegance of detail, and the originality of nature are instilled in the Wega Tech tile collection; a whole and completely evocative collection. Thanks to the delicacy of its details and high performative capacity, this collection is highly valued among architects and designers. This tile collection offers pieces that are true to nature, and the natural appearance of its tonalities and finishes is certainly worth mentioning. It boasts superior technical characteristics, placing particular importance on the materials used. Wega Tech is finished with technical porcelain stoneware, a material that is ideal for high traffic areas, and the subtlety and elegance of this collection truly reflect the brand’s excellent taste. The homogenous design of this piece runs through both the outer and inner surfaces.
Inspired by a variety of marble known as Silk Georgette, the Flow tile collection mimics the light, elegant texture, reminiscent of a precious, draped fabric composed of an endless succession of lines that create a vibrant, decorative surface. The veining effects typical of the material it is inspired by are the hallmark feature of Flow, giving it a classy, sophisticated look.
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BerryAlloc’s DreamClick Pro vinyl planks collection combines extra high durability with a variety of designs to choose from that are suitable for residential and commercial use. From fashionable shops to hotel rooms, to the comfort of your own living room.