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'321 Driftwood (189)
321 Driftwood (189)
Oak is valued for its natural beauty and durability. This series of engineered timber flooring therefore showcases these strengths which warrant a second look.
Engineered Timber
3 coats of natural oil finish
(L)650-1900 × (W)189 × (H)15/4 mm
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The GB mosaic collection reminiscents the starry night sky in a striking glass effect. With intricate, eye-catching streaks, the mosaic can create a beautiful feature for bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes or feature walls.
Leptis tile collection recalls the exotic taste of unique marbles during the splendour of Leptis, the most important African city of the Roman Empire, renowned for its lavish architectural treasures. The impressive colonnaded street, the fascinating theater and the sumptuous private residences are only few of the wonders found in this ancient thriving city.
Nexion has selected extremely particular and attractive marble to devise deep and transparent surfaces enhancing the graphic of this prestigious material. Being master of craftsmanship, Nexion has perfected its polishing techniques giving to its full lappato finish an exceptional reflecting power.
The result is a tile collection that interprets the fascinating charm of some of the most precious and particular marbles of the ancient Roman Empire with a contemporary design ideal for the most ambitious projects. Leptis brings the best inspiration of Italian style in every type of space and environment.
Oxyd metal-effect tiles create a very trendy look that is subtle, unusual and highly striking. The wear and tear of passing time, the effects of the oxides that attack the material, the imperfections that become characterizing motifs: all this becomes an unmistakable style, for a mix that does not go unnoticed. Modernity with even that touch of vintage that does not tire and makes the environment unique without being too eccentric. The collection is also distinguished by the new strip in 61x370mm perfect for coverings of great strength and elegance.
Also known as “Battuto” or “Terrazzo” floor, the Cocciopesto, used since the ancient Greece, has reached its celebrity in Italy through the roman dominion. We wanted to pay tribute to it trying to respect its noble origins, with an interpretation as close as possible to reality, blending the digital HD technique with the material. The results are 4 base colours where we matched some resins, in order to lend contemporary and offer different matching suggestions to the monochromatic floor. Two-coloured or multi-coloured, mixture of surfaces and drawings, this is the Cocciopesto in our time, which is looking at the future but admiring the past.