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'321 Driftwood (189)
321 Driftwood (189)
Oak is valued for its natural beauty and durability. This series of engineered timber flooring therefore showcases these strengths which warrant a second look.
Engineered Timber
3 coats of natural oil finish
(L)650-1900 × (W)189 × (H)15/4 mm
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More porcelain tile collection presents coloured decors to enhance projects with creativity, style and refinements.
Portland 325
Portland 325 porcelain tile collection is named after the code for cement powder commonly used in the production of concrete. The entire collection has a fresh and modern textural feel inspired by the surfaces of the recent past.

The design of the surface is based on photographs and digital scans of plastered walls in a 1940s factory that has now fallen into disuse. The unique vitality of the manual plasterwork blends harmoniously with signs left by the passage of time.
This is the story of a journey...
A magical journey into the fascinating Japanese culture, marked by harmony, dimensions that mute as time goes by. A culture characterized by many contradictions that identify the uniqueness and elegance. Balance between fast-paced innovation and traditions. In Japan, arts, traditions and rituals coexist harmoniously with technology, progress together with the speed in which it all happens. Knowledge is the key word that has marked the creation of this series. Ours was a love at first sight. From the vision of a house in the countryside near Kyoto, externally coated with burnt wood led to a charming and engaging emotion then fueled by the discovery:
Yaki or Shou Sugi Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese technique, which consists in the carbonization of wood planks, making them waterproof and fireproof, still used in modern architecture.
The elegance of the Japanese master craftsmanship has the ability to make valuable materials which are poor, is definitely one of the large differences between our culture and theirs.
The result of this process has us excited and to say the least, fascinated.
We reinterpreted the fruit of this technique through Yaki in four different colors and two different surfaces, an opaque and a resin on a format of 15x120cm.
Canadian Maple Hardwood
Canadian Maple hardwood is a timeless classic. Generally white with a slight reddish-brown tint, this hardwood portrays a close grain that result in a soft even texture.