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'WE62H Cottage Garden & WE64H Castaneous
WE62H Cottage Garden & WE64H Castaneous
Timeless and elegant at the same time, that’s how best to describe a herringbone floor!
Espiga Luxury Vinyl Herringbone collection features eight timeless hues with a true-to-life wood look and feel that suits every residential and commercial interior.

Designed for both aesthetics and durability, the Espiga Luxury Vinyl Herringbone collection is a striking, eye-catching addition to any room.
+ Water resistant
+ Silent and soft floor
+ Warm underfoot
+ Singapore Green Building Product
Shade and Veins Variation
(L)610 × (W)122 × (H)5 mm
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London’s EC1 (Eastern Central Postcode Area) district, the vibrant business and architectural heart of the City, has inspired the name of this collection, developed to offer architects a real solution to their needs. A technical material, in a vast assortment of colours, sizes, surface finishes and trims, becomes a versatile, innovative tool, ideal for projects on various scales in the public and private construction sectors: large public buildings and interior design projects, service sector architecture and luxury residential complexes.
Endless tile collection represents the marble trend that has come to stay as one of the pillars of decoration in recent years. The great growth of such design also shows how much they have evolved and how they continue to be one of the all-time favourites for interior design and architecture projects. Choosing quality and investing in a timeless marble design like the Endless tile collection not only adds value to your home, but gives prominence to your space, with a product that never goes out of fashion and remains one of architecture's all-time favourites.

Endless is part of the PROTECT® line of products: antimicrobial floor and wall tiles, designed for healthy, safe and protected living spaces.
Let It Bee
‘Let it bee’, an explosive ceramic tile collection with a 12x18 (cm) tile format and fashionable colour range that creates eye-opening contemporary combinations of plain and half-moon and circle decorated tiles that add real character to strictly monochrome walls.
It was 1939 and millions of people previewed The Wizard of Oz in colour: the Technicolor process was one of the first technologies that brought colour to the cinema. 4 years on from the launch of one of our most significant collections, we decided to consolidate this topic. Technicolor tile collection arrives, an industrial product created on a graphic base of a blend of 11 different wood species. A new proportion, a long, tapered shape. A different productive technology.

Creating monochrome or multicoloured environments is now possible thanks to their technical characteristics that make it useable both for wall coverings and flooring in private and public spaces. Just one feature has remained unchanged: the customer’s interpretive ability to use the colour as it likes. Life in Technicolor!