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'NE 20 Nat Sq
NE 20 Nat Sq
THE STORY is the synthesis of natural and time. Natural, like the stones that have written the history of architecture. Time, because it’s time for structural and aesthetic protection. The privilege of an innovative collection able to tackle the imperfections and excesses of natural materials; each slab has a story to tell, part designer, part practical.
The pursuit of technical perfection, smooth colours, authentic, profound nuances, veining details and inclusions: each slab is unique, perfectly in tune with the most innovative trends in urban and residential furnishings.
Glazed Porcelain Tile
Shade and Veins Variation (V2)
(L)600 × (W)300 mm
(L)600 × (W)600 mm
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Astra porcelain tile collection interprets, in truly Italian style and harmony, the beauty of natural materials to create a unique and original surface inspired by the sinuous veining of agate. A careful combination of lines and shades enhances the depth of the colour and underlines the natural feel of the product.
Blendart, the new tile collection by Ceramica Sant’Agostino, is not only an interpretation of a scrapwood, or a simply distressed wood, but conveys a marked metropolitan spirit. This porcelain tile recreates the charming veining of wood in a new version: the extraordinary “paint effect” overlaps with the original knotty nature of the wooden material before any further processing, as if time had wanted to leave an indelible mark. The mix of these elements results in an artistic and painting wood with a raw modern mood, ideal for floor and wall coverings of contemporary rooms.
“I never wanted to design. I wanted to be a football player”.

Handmade and technology... like an “antithesis” because the approach of these two words had often in the past answers that were summarized in the phrase “I wish but I cannot”! Extrusion and digital technique reinvent tradition giving “new blood” to the project. The common denominator is the added value of uniqueness.

Blue monocromatic compositions design on white basis “Melograno’s” future, the first born baby from their union. “What will he be when he grows up?” The Architect? The Stylist? The Poet? or The Artist?
Basaltina Stone Project
The Basaltina Stone Project is a collection orientated towards investigating the natural elegance of the stone and which achieves different solutions to satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetic and architectonic tastes and requirements. The Basaltina Stone Project is a full body gres porcelain that recalls the basaltina stone and assumes different colours, depending on the work process. The Basaltina Stone Project is ideal for laying in interior and exterior environments.