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'Sand Chiselled
Sand Chiselled
Neutral shades, delicate, modern colours and more minimalist styles reveal a longing for refined, natural moods.
This is the foundation of the evo-Q tile collection, the expression of a well- considered taste reflected in the natural colours of stone: white, sand and pale and dark grey.

The wealth of this series lies in the different, skilful kinds of finish beautifully applied to the stone, which highlights the peculiarities of the manufacturing process and show off the textures’ three-dimension. The Backface structure, for example, has the long grooves produced by the calibrating roller on the underside of the stone; these geometrical marks provide an elegant, tasteful form of decoration. The Chiselled structure imitates hand-split stone, emphasising its original, raw, natural structure.

The series makes interior design and the planning of contemporary living spaces simple and creative.
Glazed Porcelain Tile
Shade and Veins Variation (V3)
(L)600 × (W)300 mm
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The Suede surface has reliefs which form overlapping leaves, creating an original ceramic mural. It is a sophisticated collection thanks to its design which is adapted to modern times. It seeks to fuse with different styles and generate results which create an impact.
Crema Marfil
Crema Marfil by Todagres is a high quality porcelain tile collection inspired by the natural marble. With state of the art digital technology, the tile features colours and veins of remarkable similarity in appearance. Create a luxurious and elegant environment with this tile collection.
Paris Collection
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NEST… your space, your haven, your nest.

We are seeking shelter in spaces that give us a sense of safety and well-being. At the end of one more day it is in our haven that we find the energy that renews us.

NEST evokes a return to the origins, to the materials inspired in nature in its purest state. NEST interprets a natural rock with a matt look that provides a dichotomy to the environments – robust and delicate, traditional and contemporary – enabling the creation of minimalist and cosy spaces.
NEST surface has a marked graphics which gives it an outspokenly real aspect through the use of the digital printing technique.

Its pallet of neutral colours allows us to create elegant and modern spaces.
Let yourself get involved by the NEST collection and by the spaces it creates, which welcome us at the end of the day like a comforting hug.