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'Tanzania Natural Rect
Tanzania Natural Rect
From the warm Savannah come the energy and strength of Tanzania, a fusion of different tropical woods. It is a wood effect tile collection of great richness due to its clear and neutral tones. A collection without large colour shading but grain variability, capable of adapting to any interior and exterior space and any type of decoration, from the most minimal to the most rustic and vintage.

In 25x150cm, Tanzania tile collection provides the feeling of spaciousness and unification of space. It can be a good option for large spaces and also, to create small rooms but with an appearance of continuous floor. The collection features a soft relief that recalls the texture of natural wood.
Glazed Porcelain Tile
Shade and Veins Variation
(L)1500 × (W)250 mm
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Mosaico Rodano Caliza tile from Porcelanosa is a textured wall tile that is ideal for bathroom and kitchen interiors. The neutral tones create a soothing and relaxing environment wherever applied.
The Urban collection is very versatile due to its three surfaces - Slate, Rough and Stripes – which can be used independently or combined among them.

Slate was inspired on stucco surfaces, where the mortar leaves visible the marks of its application. A texture that let us see the hint of the spatulated mortar. The irregularities, the outlines, the spots due to quick drying are part of its personality definition. Rough is a surface that simulates the effects of the passage of time through a bush hammered texture where aging contributes to give it an even more special and unique touch. Stripes has definitely a structure that is highlighted in its irregular lines, which provide movement to the pieces and spaces it lines up. The lines elongate and provide depth or height, according to the orientation given in its application.Urban is a wall tiles collection that meets the expectations of consumers who look for materials’ randomness and sturdiness.
This is the story of a journey...
A magical journey into the fascinating Japanese culture, marked by harmony, dimensions that mute as time goes by. A culture characterized by many contradictions that identify the uniqueness and elegance. Balance between fast-paced innovation and traditions. In Japan, arts, traditions and rituals coexist harmoniously with technology, progress together with the speed in which it all happens. Knowledge is the key word that has marked the creation of this series. Ours was a love at first sight. From the vision of a house in the countryside near Kyoto, externally coated with burnt wood led to a charming and engaging emotion then fueled by the discovery:
Yaki or Shou Sugi Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese technique, which consists in the carbonization of wood planks, making them waterproof and fireproof, still used in modern architecture.
The elegance of the Japanese master craftsmanship has the ability to make valuable materials which are poor, is definitely one of the large differences between our culture and theirs.
The result of this process has us excited and to say the least, fascinated.
We reinterpreted the fruit of this technique through Yaki in four different colors and two different surfaces, an opaque and a resin on a format of 15x120cm.