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FT- 3001
'FT- 3001
FT- 3001
FT- 3001
An essential, FT- 3001 white ceramic tile is traditionally timeless and is ideal for classic style and sophistication.
Ceramic Tile
(L)300 × (W)300 mm
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Brick Gradient
Brick Gradient tile collection arises as an innovative deco concept in brick format, with creative aspiration and a remarkable decorative potential. In line with the trends in which linear geometries prevail, this porcelain tile presents a dynamic and flexible colour palette ranging from white to grey, blue and aquamarine, with a careful chromatic variety of neutrals.
In addition to these four references, there is a pure white tile, Brick Neutral White, designed to give air to the composition, to delimit spaces or to be applied in combination with wood, stones or cements.
The alternation of lines, the gears of different widths, the randomness, the subtly scratched textures and the multiple possibilities of placement makes this collection of tiles a practical and functional choice to recreate contemporary environments that seek a differentiated style.
Featuring subtle textures, the YLH6021C glazed porcelain tile is ideal for bright and minimalist interiors.
Velvet is a precious tile collection of the marble effect in neutral tones, White, Gray and Black, in matte finish with honed, versatile touch, easily combined with various materials to configure environments of very different styles. At a decorative level, black and white graphic patterns of retro aesthetics revisited are developed, playing with parallel straight forms, rotated and crossed with each other generating spikes, diamonds and varied regular geometries.
Nuovocorso designed an innovative production process for porcelain stoneware, improving the raw extrusion technology. That’s nuovocorso extruded porcelain tiles, provided with an amazing cohesion which combines great strength with outstanding flexibility. These physical characteristics guarantee an easy and safe laying, also available in large formats.

Elasticity and flexibility
The Nuovocorso have a unique characteristic whic h distinguishes them from other porcelain tiles: they are extremely flexible and elastic. In order to transmit these properties to the material, clay with elevated plasticity is used, which maintains the physical characteristics unaltered thanks to the cold extrusion process. This is the reason why the plank can bend, not suffering alterations and it remains flat once installed in position; it is in fact its own weight which levels the floor.