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'Bianco Carrara
Bianco Carrara
Infinito is a distinctive stone texture that, as the name suggests, creates a seamless effect, allowing you to install it in near-infinite lengths without any joints being visible. The simplicity of the parallel lines that run across the surface gives rise to unexpected plays of light and shadow and brings out all the nuances of the natural stones used. Equally gorgeous on walls and floors, Infinito provides an interesting contrast to materials such as wood or concrete.
Honed finish
(L)598 × (W)295 × (H)14 mm
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The natural wood effect of the Copenhagen series carries us away to Scandinavian countries. It offers a wide range of chromatic possibilities for the flooring of any room with a warm and friendly touch.
This collection of reinterpreted marble brings to mind the elegant atmosphere of the fifties with a fresh and unexpected modern accent. It is perfect for a tailor-made project, which draws a new line of luxury, enveloped in sleek, flowing lines and contrasts. With a strong aesthetic character it allows creation that feels personal and free of pre-defined constraints, designing authentic settings, fully in tune with each individual’s concept of living. Vibrant energy reflects from the product to the project, bringing with it both nostalgia for the past and innovation for the future.
The .3Wood tile project grew out of a careful observation of the essence of wood and an attempt to reproduce it faithfully.
The name of the project refers directly to the research process that was undertaken. Three types of wood (walnut, oak and frake) was fused together to create an original wood surface. This was the origin of a wood-effect line full of natural appeal and a highly varied range of marks.
I Porfidi
The unique combination of the magnificence of the millennial stone, the lustre of graphite and the exquisiteness of ferrous oxides are reproduced in the I Porfidi. In three warm and enveloping colours, the uniqueness and unparalleled mix of components distinguishes itself from the rest. Thanks to their versatility, they can floor and decorate any room, offering long life and high resistance to wear and external agents. I Porfidi, fine porcelain devised for flooring public and private environments.