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'Arabescato Canova
Arabescato Canova
Elegant as silk, the Satin collection is soft to the touch, with a smooth finish.‎ Satin is the ideal choice for kitchen worktops and countertops, outdoor and indoor cladding and for commercial and residential flooring.
Sintered Stone
(L)3365 × (W)1500 × (H)12 mm
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The Valmalenco is a wide Alpine valley in Sondrio province, close to the border with Switzerland. It has been recognised and is studied as a site of mineral deposits and stones including the most famous one, the Serpentine stone, which is much appreciated in the field of ornamental rocks because of its highly unusual streaks.
These streaks are a special feature of the through-body coloured porcelain stoneware tiles in the Valmalenco collection. With a well-defined identity, they run lengthwise and blend perfectly with the base colour of the tile.
Engineered European Oak
Engineered Oak showcased in various parquetry patterns for a classic and elegant atmosphere. The floors form a beautiful foundation for classical and modern interiors.
Marmo Mix
With Marmo Mix, 14oraitaliana adds an element to its own research in the field of natural materials by developing a focus on possible variants of marble.

The rich tile collection consists of four items each of which is made up of a mix of different marble essences. The logic behind Marmo Mix is the varied combination of textures and shades. The range is formed of two mixes of grey (one light and one dark) and a mix of beige. The range is completed by a fourth mix that includes different types of marble and plays mainly with colour, including shades of red, green and pink. The vibrant surface with faint sparkle can be used for flooring and wall tiles and is available in size 9x90cm.
The essential synthesis of aesthetics and quality of materials, TIPOS is the latest evolution in ceramic travertines, chosen among some of the rarest and most noble in nature along with other invented , with a profound aesthetic design, and an emblem of the artistic and artisan value by Ceramica San’ Agostino. The tile collection finds its full expression in the slabs of Travertino Rigato presented in the 60 x 120 cm version and designed to achieve a perfect tiling “in the continuous vein”, which enhances the richness of the most precious travertine.