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'R030 - Honed
R030 - Honed
The R0 collection offers Composite Marble that are ideal for modern contemporary interiors.
Composite Stone
(L)600 × (W)600 × (H)12 mm
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Artstract tile collection by Pamesa builds interest to interiors with their original rendition of patterned tiles. The collection enables creativity in tile laying patterns to create unique composition for floors and walls.
Beauty from the bottom of the sea: sedimented, layered and set in stone by the patient work of water and time. This is Limestone, which Cotto d’Este has recreated and interpreted with a new sleek and modern look. A unique, exclusive product that combines the finest graining and the most delicate chromatic variations.
3 Surface Finishes:
Natural - Opaque and with a tactile quality, this surface has a slightly burnished look that makes it soft and inviting. Particular care in the selection of high quality raw materials creates a surface with delicate coloured effects and with the extraordinary illusion of depth.

Honed - Particularly smooth and pleasant to touch. A set of diamond discs, which range from the coarsest to the finest, exert a vigorous lapping action on the surface of the tile to make the honed finish particularly smooth and pleasant to touch and to offer a characteristic demi-gloss appearance.

Blazed - This surface has been faithfully created using molds from natural stones and can only be performed on certain types of stone. It consists of singeing the surface of the stone with a flame jet and then plunging the stone into water to obtain immediate cooling. The abrupt temperature change makes the stone expand and the result is a typically rough texture.
Nuovo Novara
When cement meets wood…
The Nuovo Novara collection is the concept of combining the beauty of wood and concrete together. By imprinting the wood grains on the cement surface, the result is astonishingly beautiful and refreshing.
Carlo Frattini Quad | Shower Equipment
Designed by Meneghello Paoletti Associati, Quad is the perfect balance between fluidity, elegance and solidity. A stylish composition, this collection embodies modernity yet creates comfort and soothes. With the refined feature of a circle and the incisiveness of a square, Quad makes it easy to be placed in any environment