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'Moca Cream Honed
Moca Cream Honed
Limestone is the ideal flooring for those looking for a subtle contemporary look.
(L)600 × (W)600 × (H)20 mm
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Statuario Superiore Rett
Elegant and sophisticated: Statuario Superiore tile reinterprets the natural marble, creating diverse and unexpected furnishing solutions with its faithful simulation of the veins of the natural surface. The marble-effect tile meets every stylistic need and enhances the design value in every way.
Pura tile collection encompasses and exalts the essence of limestone, one of the most seductive and versatile stones, thanks to its unmistakable elegance. Pura accentuates this stone’s typical characteristics, dosing them in an original and harmonious way. The result is a balanced texture, but at the same time, one that is mineral and material. A vast and comprehensive collection for interior design, outdoor use and for the architectural envelope.

Rolled surface - The graphic texture of this unmistakable surface is enriched by small scratches that add a delicate effect of “rolling” to the mineral pattern. The use of technology makes this surface extraordinarily versatile, perfect for maximising indoor-outdoor aesthetic continuity.

Honed surface - Delicately smooth and pleasant to the touch, this finish is obtained by a skillful reduction of surface roughness to make it refined and
luminous, with a characteristic patinated reflection.

Pura is part of the PROTECT® line of products: antimicrobial floor and wall tiles, designed for healthy, safe and protected living spaces.
Tile collection “Sensi of Casa dolce casa”, designed by Matteo Thun, surprises visually and tactilely with attractive neutral shades that shape fluid spaces. Sensi embodies the tactile experience of touching earth, and of interpreting mineral essences mixed and forged over time, in a material texture to be caressed with the eyes. With Sensi, delicate, natural colours and the tactile experience of sand recall a simple lifestyle that leaves the unnecessary behind. The intimate, sophisticated harmony of nature is reflected in living-spaces that offer an individual sense of comfort and slow rhythms, where energy and balance can be regained.
Characterised by repetitive square patterns, Wavy is a wall tile collection that creates textures and dimension wherever applied.