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'Nature Royal Pur
Nature Royal Pur
The design of the Nature glass mosaics takes inspiration from the environment and are presented in vivid shades of blue and green.
Shade and Pattern Variation
(L)315 × (W)315 mm
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Quartz Stone
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Masses of compact rock, made of natural mineral substances shaped over time, accompany humans along their path. QUARTZ_STONE, the new Porcelaingres tile collection, represents the stone in its colour variations, placing strength and hardness alongside a clean and sober design. Walking, experiencing daily life on intense surfaces able to transmit positive sensations, delicate and harmonious textures that respond perfectly to the multiple requirements of contemporary architecture.

The stone as an unrivalled element of strength and tradition, indissoluble and resistant to time and history. Colours and surfaces that recall the tenacity of Nature, enriched by brilliant moments that give the new Porcelaingres collection a unique and distinctive sign of careful prestige. Rooms stand out due to the new sought-after elegance of the intense and exclusive strokes.
With its minimalist appearance that evokes the clean, fluid lines of Oriental design, Bamboo textured stone collection is one of Salvatori’s most popular and enduring textures.
Inspired by the simple, pared-back forms of the Far East, it brings that sense of calm and harmony synonymous with centuries-old cultures and traditions that venerate the tiniest of details. The seamless grooved lines of Bamboo, running vertically or horizontally depending on preference, are ideal for any environment, with the tactile nature of gorgeous natural stone elevated by this classic, elegant design that is as contemporary today as when it was first introduced in 2003.
Lux Experience
Lux Experience is the innovative project of marble-effect tile surfaces telling the memory of magnificent stone essences. Italgraniti’s research thus combines its industrial culture with pure natural beauty.
Madison offers a new point of view for how we understand interior design. It aims to take centre stage in the space, as a powerful architectural element where the space created speaks of those that live there. It offers harmonious combinations of colours and textures, where stone is reinterpreted in order to form part of the décor. Madison is presented in 4 colours in order to provide your projects with the versatility of cool and warm tones without sacrificing the character of its image.