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Attentive study of detail gives rise to Libra mosaic tile collection, in which juxtapositions, contrasts and harmonies are born out of an unusual, almost masked use of irregular geometries. Modules are randomly combined to create effects of light and shadow. Colour variables open up a range of possibilities, from the timeless taste of neutral hues to today’s metallic sheens.
(L)300 × (W)300 mm
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Walkyria porcelain tile collection represents the beauty of wood, focusing on the detail of wood grains. With both warm and cool tones for selection, Walkyria is able to fit into most interior design scheme effortlessly.
Fez tile collection pays ode to the Imperial Moroccan city of Fez and its worldwide famous craft skills, which is considered as a live cultural treasure. Designed with a traditional approach, the tile collection combines beauty and practicality that are suitable for any neat environment.
Brick Design
A series of bricks in six colour shades, three warm and three cold, which can be mixed and matched; suitable as both wall covering and flooring.

The tactile structure and the flaws left by the forging of the piece, still visible through the full, strong, matt colours, generate light and shade effects which give finished surfaces an extraordinary movement and variety.

Brick Design is a versatile series, ideal for every lifestyle, from the metropolitan designer loft to interiors in more traditional taste. Inspired by the mood boards created for the design of interiors in contemporary style, in line with the very latest architectural trends.
An extraordinary ceramic interpretation of the concept of traditional metal sheet, the Ferro line is the result of the perfection of Digital Technology which creates the effects of real metal. The extremely natural aesthetic result is enriched by a special polishing treatment which makes these stoneware surfaces extremely pleasant to the touch, in elegant contrast to their high-impact appearance.
Due to their large size and high technical reliability, the slabs in this collection are the ideal solution for covering and protecting the outside of buildings. The colour Corten is characterized by the astonishing effect of natural ageing while White reproduces pale shading of painting on metal. Ferro collection is designed for the architecture world and can easily be integrated into and become a key element in the widest range of design contexts. In the name of sophisticated sobriety and above all, absolute, unmistakeable, elegance.