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Ideal for swimming pool application, HXBS00-MIX is also suitable as interior decorations on both wall and floor.
(L)300 × (W)300 mm
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Brick Gradient
Brick Gradient tile collection arises as an innovative deco concept in brick format, with creative aspiration and a remarkable decorative potential. In line with the trends in which linear geometries prevail, this porcelain tile presents a dynamic and flexible colour palette ranging from white to grey, blue and aquamarine, with a careful chromatic variety of neutrals.
In addition to these four references, there is a pure white tile, Brick Neutral White, designed to give air to the composition, to delimit spaces or to be applied in combination with wood, stones or cements.
The alternation of lines, the gears of different widths, the randomness, the subtly scratched textures and the multiple possibilities of placement makes this collection of tiles a practical and functional choice to recreate contemporary environments that seek a differentiated style.
Leptis tile collection recalls the exotic taste of unique marbles during the splendour of Leptis, the most important African city of the Roman Empire, renowned for its lavish architectural treasures. The impressive colonnaded street, the fascinating theater and the sumptuous private residences are only few of the wonders found in this ancient thriving city.
Nexion has selected extremely particular and attractive marble to devise deep and transparent surfaces enhancing the graphic of this prestigious material. Being master of craftsmanship, Nexion has perfected its polishing techniques giving to its full lappato finish an exceptional reflecting power.
The result is a tile collection that interprets the fascinating charm of some of the most precious and particular marbles of the ancient Roman Empire with a contemporary design ideal for the most ambitious projects. Leptis brings the best inspiration of Italian style in every type of space and environment.
Featuring neutral tones, the HLF mosaic is a flexible piece able to complement most interior design scheme.
Inspired by natural stone with longitudinal veins, the Olimpia series exudes elegance and timeless charm. The surface is slight undulated, which vaguely recalls the texture that of some rock stratifications. Suitable for various applications, Olimpia is available in three earth tones.