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The GB mosaic collection reminiscents the starry night sky in a striking glass effect. With intricate, eye-catching streaks, the mosaic can create a beautiful feature for bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes or feature walls.
(L)300 × (W)300 mm
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Wega Tech
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The serenity of volcanic rock, the elegance of detail, and the originality of nature are instilled in the Wega Tech tile collection; a whole and completely evocative collection. Thanks to the delicacy of its details and high performative capacity, this collection is highly valued among architects and designers. This tile collection offers pieces that are true to nature, and the natural appearance of its tonalities and finishes is certainly worth mentioning. It boasts superior technical characteristics, placing particular importance on the materials used. Wega Tech is finished with technical porcelain stoneware, a material that is ideal for high traffic areas, and the subtlety and elegance of this collection truly reflect the brand’s excellent taste. The homogenous design of this piece runs through both the outer and inner surfaces.
Delice tile collection plays a mixture of bases in Natural, Grey and Almond shades with 26 different motifs that star in the collection. They generate an elegant and timeless design that can be placed on complete floors and walls, in specific areas by way of a carpet or rug for delimiting spaces or simply to provide a decorative plus. In addition, the collection provides maximum versatility to create original and personal spaces as it can be combined with stones, marbles, cements or woods with impeccable results.
It consists of few yet basic elements. Motifs that hint at a 3D effect; streaks that seem to become softer thawing into the surface to make it ‘move’ and provide texture. A little sign, a light groove where colours merge to get softer or more intense and space seems to shrink to then expand again. Natural parallelisms, perfect yet imperfect, that give a clue on the natural origin of the material that inspired the collection and the creative design and experimentation.
American Walnut Hardwood
American Walnut is one of the most valued of all woods and is well known for its beauty and durability. The stunning colour of this solid hardwood flooring is a handsome addition to any living space and its wavy grain is the winning factor among all wood.