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'S4246 Oyster
S4246 Oyster
Above counter sinks are stylish additions to any bathroom. Star offers a wide range of statement pieces that are able to transform any bathroom’s design instantaneously. Get that wow factor with Star.
(L)420 × (W)420 × (H)213 mm
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Stone Wave
Inspired by the beauty of natural stone, Stone Wave porcelain tile collection offers three different soothing tones in high shade and veins variation for a realistic appearance.
Concrete, as classical basis in building, is endowed with great style in the Meier tile series. This material, traditionally seen as functional, has taken a high level of sophistication thanks to the new design technologies, allowing it to become a much appreciated decoration and composition element, both in interior design and in architecture due to its natural looking and minimalism. Different textures intervene in its colours, transferring the sense of worn effect and fostering the industrial essence of the material, very useful in the composition of contemporary settings.
Carlo Frattini Zeta | Faucet
Zeta was designed with the ambition to create a long-lasting product. This unique design is a perfect complement for any bathroom thanks to its classical yet modern style, combining sharp lines and soft shapes. It may look sharp and angular at first sight, but it is not cold.

The external surfaces are perfectly rectangular yet joined by a softer lower face creating an original, innovative and modern mood. Zeta is characterized by a swift design which is due to the use of very small cartridges: 25 mm on the washbasin and 31 mm on the shower, ensuring aesthetic harmony while being easy to use and functional.
Micron 2.0
Imola Ceramica’s tendency is to never repeat itself, but to constantly move forward in order to meet the requirements of modern architecture. But this is not always possible and certain ideas can benefit from new developments. The new Micron 2.0 project uses the name of one of Imola Ceramica’s bestsellers and reinterprets it in a contemporary perspective, to meet the needs of public or private architecture. Innovative technology, new fashionable colours and new formats are the main features of this resistant and lasting full body porcelain stoneware, ideal for exteriors, living and commercial spaces.