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'7810-30-80S1 Tumbler
JUSTIME | 7810
7810-30-80S1 Tumbler
The 7810 collection is designed around a brushed stainless steel base and a cylindrical bracket, fulfilling all requirements in the classic design stance.
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6PA005A full bodied porcelain tile is an elegant and classic surface suitable for installation in both residential and commercial spaces.
I Travertini XL
I Travertini XL tile collection offer a new selection of marble aesthetics, dedicated to the world of the interior architecture. Expressed in three different colours.
Wall Art
Spectacular and captivating. That is the only way to describe the Wall Art tile collection, characterised by small wooden cubes on wood-effect porcelain surfaces. Created on three different levels, Wall Art is the result of the highly innovative “tile detector” technology, which photographs the exact surface of the tile and sends it to the digital machine for matching with the correct pattern. The final product is incredibly faithful to the original and perfectly imitates the look and feel of the material.
The end result is a vibrant overall effect, rhythmic and playful, ready to cover the most diverse destinations of use with designs and styles. Whether for the bedroom, living area, shower or pool area, Wall Art is the ideal technical and stylistic choice for those who love beautiful and unconventional coverings, for indoors or outdoors.
Aqua Code Eclipse | Faucet
Thanks to its clear-cut, sculpted, but also flexuous and alluring lines, the Eclipse collection is a highly appealing design “object”, in which skilfully harmonised details go hand in hand with a generally minimalist geometry, the final result being a well-balanced, captivating volume.

The inspiring principles of this project are functionality and design: aesthetic rigour combined with technical performance. Eclipse is a minimalist but highly appealing collection, characterised by expressive rigour and strong emotional power and capable to meet all possible functional needs. So much more than an anonymous water tap!

Design by Giuseppe Bavuso.