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'7801-10-80CP Single Towel Bar (600 mm)
JUSTIME | 7801
7801-10-80CP Single Towel Bar (600 mm)
The Justime 7801 collection included frosted glass in its design to increase the element of beauty and splendour. The perfect addition for a clean and subdued bathroom design.
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This tile collection’s strength definitely lies in the wood-stone combination, bringing together two different materials in a tasteful dialogue based on the use of the same surface finish.

Viva interprets stone, in a version inspired by Belgian Pierre Bleue, with an unusual approach, choosing a look with the brushing procedure interrupted to keep the typical marks left by the stone-working intact. These marks become design effects and give the product personality and originality.

The results achieved by the stone and wood combination, in both tone-on-tone and contrasting shades, are truly beautiful, with effects that are always very tasteful and never clashing.

In five new, warm, modern colours, stone is teamed with types of wood in common use, with the signs of skilful craftsmanship added to establish a more uniform relationship between the two materials and provide original, striking results in both lines and colours.
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Madison offers a new point of view for how we understand interior design. It aims to take centre stage in the space, as a powerful architectural element where the space created speaks of those that live there. It offers harmonious combinations of colours and textures, where stone is reinterpreted in order to form part of the décor. Madison is presented in 4 colours in order to provide your projects with the versatility of cool and warm tones without sacrificing the character of its image.
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With strength and stability, granite distinguishes a space immediately and is highly versatile. Granite also possesses resistance to corrosion, scratches and heat and is highly durable.