Luxury at your Feet
Classic, magnificent and timeless, marble’s luxurious exterior captivates the attention of all, adding beauty to any space it’s in.
Tile Up! : 40% Off Selected Tiles
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On the Edge
The Edge Brown tile breaks the rules of traditional schemes, decorating your spaces with refined and cocooning solutions.
Wood Reimagined
Wood is staging a celebration in stone. A synthesis of materials, an invigorating combination. The ceaseless chromatic movement from the surface of a dense shell, down to the intriguing recesses of its shining heart. Its embrace is explosive, a long- life elixir is its strength. It is the heralding idea of a forgotten union. The tangible vestige of a stone forest. Wood assimilates slowly and radiates in all directions the eclectic lymph of CERDOMUS.
A Fima Carlo Frattini Special
A special sanitary fittings package intended for the design conscious. A bathroom celebration.
Spotted: Mosaics
MT is characterized by an interesting blend of surfaces which did not seem to go together. The result though, is remarkable.