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The 4.8 mm thin tiles are a revolutionary porcelain tile concept. Incredibly lightweight, the tile is easy to cut (curves) and can be used on any surfaces.
5 Tile Alternatives to Concrete Screed Floors
The Industrial theme for home interiors have been gaining popularity in Singapore and is not going away anytime soon. The concrete screed floor is thus essential to this theme but if you are worried about impending cracklines due to expansion and contraction, why not tiles? Here are 5 concrete effect tile alternatives to achieve the same grunge look!
The Gentle Beauty
Sleek, harmonious contours are combined with smooth, rounded surfaces for Amba. The flow of water from this Kludi mixer is wonderfully gentle, every touch is a sensory experience.
Kite: Elonagted Hexagon Tile
Kite elongated hexagon tile collection - Original geometry with 7 colours (White, light grey, dark grey, black, gesso, caramel, taupe) and decor.
Demystifying the Homogeneous Tile
Shopping for tiles can be difficult as the industry jargons can be pretty confusing. Often, one is asked to look for a homogeneous tile for their home. But what exactly is a homogeneous tile?
3 Looks We Love for the Balcony Floor Now
The balcony can serve many functions according to each individual's lifestyle. Here are some of our favourite floors to help create a relaxing oasis right at home.
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Quartz Stone
Masses of compact rock, made of natural mineral substances shaped over time, accompany humans along their path. QUARTZ_STONE, the new Porcelaingres tile collection, represents the stone in its colour variations, placing strength and hardness alongside a clean and sober design. Walking, experiencing daily life on intense surfaces able to transmit positive sensations, delicate and harmonious textures that respond perfectly to the multiple requirements of contemporary architecture. The stone as an unrivalled element of strength and tradition, indissoluble and resistant to time and history. Colours and surfaces that recall the tenacity of Nature, enriched by brilliant moments that give the new Porcelaingres collection a unique and distinctive sign of careful prestige. Rooms stand out due to the new sought-after elegance of the intense and exclusive strokes.
Nu Trend
Nu Trend is an Italian glazed porcelain tile. It has a versatile & trendy linear pattern that compliments many interior designs.
All the allure of Leccese stone is evident here on this sophisticated tile surface, in natural nuances that are ideal for both classical settings and more contemporary environments. The name is indicative of a prestigious collection in which the detail of the texture, the carefully studied contrasts and painstaking attention to balancing the fossil inserts combine to create wonderfully smooth, appealing finishes. Timeless elegance, enhanced by the four soft shades ranging from white to mud grey, as well as a warm gold nuance and a more neutral shade of grey.
All Over
Come into existence following a liberal reinterpretation of stone, suspended between reality and imagination, All Over is a complete tile project that decorates and covers any space. Characterised by broad and soft graphics and shades rich in chromatic details, All Over is available in classic and minimal colours, the protagonists of today's trend, elegant, refined and versatile. The sought-after colours, in cold and warm basic tints, are designed to create a material able to decorate any type of space and the excellent technical performance make it the perfect product for residential and public venues. All Over can be used in any project type.
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