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Luxury at your Feet
Classic, magnificent and timeless, marble’s luxurious exterior captivates the attention of all, adding beauty to any space it’s in.
New Orleans
New Orleans depicts the Southern United States of America with great vibrancy and inspires the new collection from CIR, leaving its mark on the surfaces of fine glazed porcelain tile.
The Gentle Beauty
Sleek, harmonious contours are combined with smooth, rounded surfaces for Amba. The flow of water from this Kludi mixer is wonderfully gentle, every touch is a sensory experience.
latest in
A collection open to different interpretations, a product for interiors in the most widely varying styles. A woodlook surface designed for the home and commercial premises, a new addition to the Marazzi Treverk offering.
NEST… your space, your haven, your nest. We are seeking shelter in spaces that give us a sense of safety and well-being. At the end of one more day it is in our haven that we find the energy that renews us. NEST evokes a return to the origins, to the materials inspired in nature in its purest state. NEST interprets a natural rock with a matt look that provides a dichotomy to the environments – robust and delicate, traditional and contemporary – enabling the creation of minimalist and cosy spaces. NEST surface has a marked graphics which gives it an outspokenly real aspect through the use of the digital printing technique. Its pallet of neutral colours allows us to create elegant and modern spaces. Let yourself get involved by the NEST collection and by the spaces it creates, which welcome us at the end of the day like a comforting hug.
Inspired by the traditional sizes of bricks, Opal features narrow rectangular pieces for wall coverings. Available in 7 coloured pieces and 4 décor pieces, the collection allows for creative play in installation to mix and match the pieces.
Rio Retro
The craftsmanship with metal molds, dyes and cement to make true works of art on tiles, known as hydraulic, born Rio Retro, a drawings and pastels patchwork. Leblon neighborhood, where the Rio daily has historical setting, the balance between memory and modernity emerged, making this line a current reinterpretation of the original material.
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