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Luxury at your Feet
Classic, magnificent and timeless, marble’s luxurious exterior captivates the attention of all, adding beauty to any space it’s in.
Tredi Sabbia hexagonal tile creates seamless geometric patterns when installed. A collection that creates interest wherever applied.
The Gentle Beauty
Sleek, harmonious contours are combined with smooth, rounded surfaces for Amba. The flow of water from this Kludi mixer is wonderfully gentle, every touch is a sensory experience.
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Interno 9
Imagine a contemporary residential complex with a minimalist feel, where the viewer’s gaze is drawn to linear structures, harmonious forms, and contrasting textures. Stylish simplicity is paired with the untamed irreverence of weathering steel, which - with a stunning coarseness - becomes a key feature of the landscape.
The series is inspired by Piemme Slate natural stone. Thanks to modern production technology, all the charm of this sedimentary rock is played very naturally on the surface of this latest generation porcelain stoneware. Ideal for dry environments and in wet areas, residential and commercial spaces. is the synthesis of natural and time. Natural, like the stones that have written the history of architecture. Time, because it’s time for structural and aesthetic protection. The privilege of an innovative collection able to tackle the imperfections and excesses of natural materials; each slab has a story to tell, part designer, part practical. The pursuit of technical perfection, smooth colours, authentic, profound nuances, veining details and inclusions: each slab is unique, perfectly in tune with the most innovative trends in urban and residential furnishings.
No reference or imitation: Transition is a sophisticated return to craft ceramics, where every element was and still is sensation, matter, research. A graphic feature that leads to the world of italian-made craftsmanship: an ancient skill, known and handed down through time, blends with the technology of industrial production. Transition is presented the Red Dot Award 2016 for Product Design.
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