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The Gentle Beauty
Sleek, harmonious contours are combined with smooth, rounded surfaces for Amba. The flow of water from this Kludi mixer is wonderfully gentle, every touch is a sensory experience.
Tile Shapes, Sizes and Overlaying Possibilities
The latest episode of The Art of Tile, "Tile Shapes, Sizes and Overlaying Possibilities", continues to deliver bite-sized tips and information on selecting tiles for your dream home. As the third episode of the video series, the episode focus on a general guide on what tile sizes to choose and if overlaying is an option for the new home.
The Rise of Wood Effect Tiles
The wood-effect tile has been rising in popularity as more home owners are looking at a Scandinavian, post-industrial or mid-Century interior design.
A beautiful feature wall can complement and make a room stand out. Here are our tile ideas in bringing the best out of your walls!
Rhombus - Unlimited Layout Options
The Rhombus collection is a series of multi-purpose porcelain stoneware with a focus on tile texture. Rhombus merges four different textures and places a stake on the original tile shape (lozenges). In addition, Rhombus offers almost unlimited layout options: from the fanciful patchwork and herring-bone settings to the intricate geometric compositions. Available in 8 different colours.
Demystifying the Homogeneous Tile
Shopping for tiles can be difficult as the industry jargons can be pretty confusing. Often, one is asked to look for a homogeneous tile for their home. But what exactly is a homogeneous tile?
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The Macrame tile collection from Bayker Italia is the solution to muted surfaces that are not mundane. Available in the base & deco version, the base forms the foundation whereas the deco version introduces subtle texture. Suitable for both wall and floor installation.
The Tundra tile collection is characterized by great attention to both the quality and aesthetics of the product. Enriched with a graphic technology applied to plates that allows the greatest freedom of expression in 30 graphics with a level of perfection able to surprise.
Tulip, the tile series that brings back to life the graphic detailing of handworked wood, for warm, welcoming interiors. The collection by Isla Tiles Ceramiche is startlingly true to the original material, and ideally suited to giving projects a personal touch. Available in five natural colors, Tulip lends a touch of originality and authenticity to any contemporary styling.
Elegance Circle
Elegance. Since the beginning of its history, AZZURRA has been particularly focused on developing new goals about ceramic manufacturing. Now It’s introducing a new series of washbasins with a minimum Thin rim of 3 mm. Elegance Forms perfectly match with the new trends of bath world, where frequently different material are used, losing the big potential of ceramic, which AZZURRA keep maintaining as cornerstone of its production.
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