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Smartstone: The Benchmark in Stone
Smartstone is the quartz surface specified by architects and interior designers. It is the choice of the many discerning individuals seeking the best in quality and style.
What to Expect when Shopping for Tiles
Homeowners are often at a loss at the start of their renovation journey. Hafary hopes to ease the renovation anxiety by sharing tips and tricks when shopping for tiles.
How Many Tiles Should Be Ordered?
When calculating the quantity of tiles for a project, it is important to know the area of the surface to be tiled.
Demystifying the Homogeneous Tile
Shopping for tiles can be difficult as the industry jargons can be pretty confusing. Often, one is asked to look for a homogeneous tile for their home. But what exactly is a homogeneous tile?
Tile Design Ideas for Feature Walls
A beautiful feature wall can complement and make a room stand out. Here are our tile ideas in bringing the best out of your walls!
The Natural Beauty of Oak
Oak is valued for its natural beauty and durability. This series of engineered timber flooring therefore showcases these strengths which warrant a second look.
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Gran Sasso
Gran Sasso tile collection reinterprets natural stone with remarkable accuracy. Available in four neutral colours to suit each and every design needs.
Brick Design
A series of bricks in six colour shades, three warm and three cold, which can be mixed and matched; suitable as both wall covering and flooring. The tactile structure and the flaws left by the forging of the piece, still visible through the full, strong, matt colours, generate light and shade effects which give finished surfaces an extraordinary movement and variety. Brick Design is a versatile series, ideal for every lifestyle, from the metropolitan designer loft to interiors in more traditional taste. Inspired by the mood boards created for the design of interiors in contemporary style, in line with the very latest architectural trends.
Designed for the floor, the Cotto tile collection is available in two different brown tones and is made of porcelain. Ideal for installation in all spaces.
Rainwood is inspired by timber planks that have worn away by time. A tile collection with remarkable colour hues, for interior and exterior spaces.
The chevron pattern, or “Point de Hongrie”, was widely popular and fashionable during the French Renaissance. The pattern since made a revival and is ideal for sophisticated interiors. The Cabrio collection offers the beauty of chevron in porcelain tiles in the size of 50 x 100 cm, in neutral tones.
Drawing inspiration from nature, Gallone reproduces the beauty of wood in a unique format. The tile collection creates a distinctive look when used individually, or a beautiful chevron pattern when installed together.
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