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'WCV3011 Gracious Gray
WCV3011 Gracious Gray
With wider planks, the 3000 vinyl series creates the illusion of a wider space. With 13 remarkable hues to choose from, this series is able to suit any interior design requirement.
- micro beveled edge
- realistic wood visual and texture
- polyurethane resin
(L)1220 × (W)180 × (H)5 mm
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The Stream tile collection is created and produced simulating the beauty of the natural travertine, with both types of veining, which is obtained by cutting the block of stone longitudinally or transversally (veincut or crosscut).
Waterfall tile collection realistically and physically represents slate, an ancient and natural stone. Recreating, on the stoneware surface the iridescence typical of sedimentary rocks, Waterfall has texture, irregularities, and variations in colour, typical expressions of the passage of time. The colours, recalling the natural oxidation process of the stone, a material that is under continuous transformation, changing colour, shape, and structure, and adapting itself to the evolution of natural phenomenon.

The Waterfall tile collection is enhanced by PROTECT®, an exclusive antibacterial technology by the Panariagroup. Partnering with Microban®, PROTECT® is an effective antibacterial shield incorporated in the product and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from the surface.
Oudi porcelain tile collection by MML is set to set to create stylish spaces with four contemporary selections of colours. Suitable for cladding in interior and exterior spaces.
Neutral shades, delicate, modern colours and more minimalist styles reveal a longing for refined, natural moods.
This is the foundation of the evo-Q tile collection, the expression of a well- considered taste reflected in the natural colours of stone: white, sand and pale and dark grey.

The wealth of this series lies in the different, skilful kinds of finish beautifully applied to the stone, which highlights the peculiarities of the manufacturing process and show off the textures’ three-dimension. The Backface structure, for example, has the long grooves produced by the calibrating roller on the underside of the stone; these geometrical marks provide an elegant, tasteful form of decoration. The Chiselled structure imitates hand-split stone, emphasising its original, raw, natural structure.

The series makes interior design and the planning of contemporary living spaces simple and creative.